Thursday, February 14, 2008

All My Loving

Hey! It's Valentine's Day and here's my list of the Top 10 Most Romantic Beatles' songs. Look, I can't claim it's perfect because the Beatles have hundreds of great love songs, but I love ranking things:

10) From Me To You - Has always been one of my favorite Beatles songs. I remember requesting to hear it on our frequent road trips from Ohio to Chicago. It's a very poppy tune and I love the harmonica lines.

9) Here, There and Everywhere - Off the "Revolver" record. It's a very soft ballad that has Paul on top of his game.

8) Michelle - Another Paul tune that has some lyrics in French.

7) She's A Woman - Love isn't about material things, but more about thoroughly enjoying and loving your significant other. It covers all that, and it rocks!

6) Eight Days A Week - They needed to add another day of the week to make this song work. Next up, 25 Hours A Day! You'd get an extra episode of Kiefer if we could make that work.

5) If I Fell - A recovering broken heart putting itself back out there. I think most people can relate.

4) All My Loving - one of their phenomenal early works that helped put them on the map. 2 minutes and 10 seconds rarely has been used more efficiently.

3) Got To Get You Into My Life - Another number off "Revolver." The horns are arranged perfectly (so perfectly that I'm pretty sure Oasis ripped them off for "Round Are Way.") Reminds me of Robin Williams' line from "Good Will Hunting"- "I'm going to see about a girl."

2) I've Just Seen A Face - This is quite an over-looked song, though not so much anymore after it was featured "Across the Universe." The song has always been one of my favorites. Great acoustic guitar layering and simple but touching lyrics.

1) Something - George Harrison's finest song. I'm a bit bias because I personally play the song often, but it's such a well written song. The lead guitar, the chord progression, the lyrics. Well done Mr. Harrison!

Notable songs left off: All You Need Is Love, I Feel Fine, Hold Me Tight, And I Love Her

Looks like the list was dominated by Paul, but George grabs the #1 spot.

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