Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Knowledge is Power!

Roger Clemens' wife used HGH also? The argument used to be, "We need to stop steroids because the youth of America (and the world) need to know they aren't healthy to use." Now we have to send out PSA's to middle-aged housewives?
Cue the slow, melancholy piano and Eric Roberts steps out from off camera. "Just because HGH helps sustain youthful looks and increases athletic production, doesn't make it right. It's against the law, citizen." The more you know.

I guess I'm either really sick of this story, or really intrigued. Maybe T.O. can do something crazy to take the media attention away from the steroids issue- like admit to taking steroids- wait. That won't work.


GMoney said...

I would ask Dennis Haskins to do the PSA. He was a former fake school administrator after all.

Tony B. said...

Mr. Belding would be phenomenal for that announcement (or any other, to be honest.)