Monday, February 11, 2008

Mixed Up Monday

Random thoughts from the weekend:

- I attended the Northgate High School basketball game on Friday. They upset Miramonte by 10 points. This makes me happy because my brother Matt is on the Northgate team and because I dislike the Miramonte basketball team. Ken Dorsey's Matadors ended my high school career with an overtime win. We've always had quite the rivalry. Congrats to the current Broncos and hopefully that victory will help you all work even harder to bring the program back up to where it should be.

- I saw National Treasure 2 over the weekend. The movie was pretty good. If you liked the first one, you'll like the second one. It was just good to hang out with my younger brothers.

- I looked through a lot of old things at my Mom's house. I threw away old Transformers that were broken (I probably would've sold them if they were in sell-able condition.) I threw out many old shirts, cards, and memorabilia that I no longer need. I found an old Oasis shirt I bought at a concert my sophomore year in high school. I also found those tiny plastic NFL helmets you could get in the "put in a quarter and turn" vending machines. Some of them are not in bad condition!

- I played last night at the G Street Pub in Davis (as I do every Sunday) and it was far less eventful than last week. However, that may not have been a bad thing! It was a more normal drinking, laughing and clapping rather than extreme drinking, cussing and fighting.

Goals for this week: sign up for a gym membership in Sac, record at least one demo song on my Mac, have a romantic Valentine's Day.

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