Thursday, February 7, 2008

My Favorite Part...

... about the Giants winning the Super Bowl is that Tiki Barber is not there. Coach Coughlin is admittedly an "old school" style coach that Tiki did not get along with. He called out his coach last year during the season and created tension in the locker room. Everyone seemed to love Tiki's charismatic smile, so many people ran with the idea that Coughlin lost control of the locker room, etc., etc. Nevermind the fact that Coughlin built the Jacksonville Jaguars into a successful franchise (they are still tough due in large part to some of Coughlin's players/draft picks.)

Not only that, but then Tiki announces his retirement mid-season last year. I will never support an athlete who announces their retirement mid-season. Do it before the season starts, or after it ends. Don't do it in the middle. Making that announcement affects your teammates, and in my mind, helps you mentally relax. It's a selfish move, Tiki.

Last but not least: Tiki retires and gets a job doing commentary for NBC. In his first day on the job, he calls out Eli Manning for not being a leader. He wanted Eli to be a more vocal leader- more animated. Now, if that's his opinion, that's fine. But c'mon- wait at least a couple weeks into the season. If Eli struggled, then you can bring it up. It seemed to me that Tiki was just carrying a public grudge against Eli. To be clear, I even agreed with Tiki in his opinion (I guess I disagree now), but for an ex-teammate to go on TV and immediately rip your leadership ability is not ok. To be honest, it probably motivated the current Giants to rally around Eli, so in a way, maybe it was helpful.

Tiki, keep carrying the weight of your ringless fingers. If you feel really bad about it, at least you can look at your twin brother's ring from time to time. I'm so happy you retired to not be a part of the Giants team- however, the Giants may not have even earned a trip to the Super Bowl if you were still there.

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Amaysing1 said...

Tiki without a ring was the best NFL highlight of the year.