Thursday, February 21, 2008

NBA Trade Deadline

I will rarely post anything here about the NBA, but this 11 player deal between the Cavs, Bulls and Sonics has me interested. First, a recap of the trade:

Cavaliers get:
Bulls F/C Ben Wallace
Bulls F Joe Smith
Bulls 2009 2nd-round pick
Sonics F Wally Szczerbiak
Sonics G Delonte West
Bulls get:
Cavaliers F Drew Gooden
Cavaliers G Larry Hughes
Cavaliers F Cedric Simmons
Cavaliers G Shannon Brown
Sonics get:
Cavaliers F Ira Newble
Cavaliers F Donyell Marshall
Bulls F Adrian Griffin

Now, the first thing I find interesting is that two teams in the same division would make a trade. The Bulls have had an awful season, but oddly are still in the hunt for a playoff spot because the East is so terrible. I think it is helpful to get rid of Wallace's huge contract, and they picked up some good players in return. Had the Cavs only made a trade with the Bulls, it would not have worked out, but since they also got Wally World and Delonte West from the Sonics, I think they made a good trade as well. I'm assuming the Sonics are happy because they dumped some pricey contracts.

I don't think this changes the race in the East (Celtics, Pistons then Cavs) but it makes for some fun player movement! I will say all the trades from the last two weeks have me more interested in the NBA than I've been in some time. Or maybe I'm just passing the time until baseball starts... who knows?

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