Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Northgate vs. San Lorenzo

I went to watch my brother's first North Coast Section playoff game last night and his team, the Northgate Broncos, stomped the San Lorenzo Rebels 55-38. They were up 30-15 at halftime and to be honest, Northgate was probably underachieving. San Lorenzo was missing at least one started (due to an ejection in their previous game) and he must have been decent because without him, the Rebels were one of the worst basketball teams I've ever watched. They pressed the entire game with no success, they couldn't shoot outside, they couldn't finish inside; it was bad. Not that I'm complaining because it was good to see the Broncos get a playoff win. They have struggled the last few years they needed some momentum.

Next up is No. 1 ranked Hayward. My guess is that they'll press in a similar fashion except really make Northgate pay if they make any weak passes in the backcourt. NG should rely on their big guys to also get involved with the press break. They'll need to flash to the middle to distort the press. It should be an exciting environment so hopefully it's a great game.

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