Monday, February 18, 2008

President's Day: A Holiday For Sleeping In

My President's Day Holiday started off like every other President's Day- I woke up at 12:15pm Pacific Time. Once I popped my ridiculously jacked up back, I sat down for a breakfast of toast and Crystal Light. While eating, I watched the Andy Pettite press conference where he answered question after question after question. He came off very likable and honest. I think it's funny that many people who follow the steroids scandal want to make good guys or bad guys out of the figures involved. This really isn't a black and white issue. I can easily see where Pettite is coming from. He did something he didn't think he'd get caught for, then realized it was a mistake, and is honest and forthcoming about what happened.

While there is no real excuse for taking steroids or HGH, it is important to keep in mind that these ballplayers are playing baseball for their job. How many people have taken a long lunch, left a little early from work, copied just one homework assignment, or done something they weren't supposed to and gotten away with it? Most people have. Still, when you get caught, honesty is always appreciated even if consequences are levied anyway. My opinion on the whole thing is that we, the public, have no idea how deep this steroid problem goes, but if juiced pitchers pitch to juiced hitters, everyone is essentially even. The numbers can still stand. There's no sense in ex-sponging records or seasons, and asterisks are ridiculous. Let's make sure the current drug testing is in place and MOVE FORWARD.

Then I went to Safeway for some grocery shopping. I just moved to downtown Sacramento in late December, and I've realized that part of the utility of living here are the crazy people. I began my trip getting smaller items- lunch meat, bread, cheese- nothing special. I walked away from my cart to get milk, and all of a sudden I hear a cart near mine jolt forward. Upon looking over, it was actually my cart that was being taken. It reminded me of Dane Cook's joke about why you never leave your cart while shopping. Someone my see and think, "JACKPOT! THAT'S EVERYTHING I WANTED!" Fortunately, the guy was just a weirdo and not a thief. He quickly viewed the items there and realized his mistake. I just shrugged it off and continued shopping.

Overall, a decent day of rest, but a little weird.

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