Thursday, February 28, 2008

Random Thoughts

Ah, so my blog is still not as organized as I want it to be. Ideally I'd like to get regular subjects for every day of the week. It also makes it tough that readers can't count on me to stick to one subject. Is it sports? Is it music? Is it pop culture? Who knows?

I will say this, with Fantasy Baseball coming up, I may update my progress in the Pete Rose Gambling All-Stars Keeper League. My keepers this year are Jake Peavey, Jon Papelbon, Brad Penny, Ryan Braun, Troy Tulowitski, and Adrian Gonzales. More on that closer to the draft (3/9). Instead, here are some random thoughts/opinions I have on different topics:

- Roger Clemens is lying his ass off. So is Barry Bonds. They'll both get off without jail time even if they're found guilty. I have to think that our tax dollars would be better served on improving the educational system, cleaning up the environment, or making more consistently good episodes of Family Guy. I also don't even care to put an * next to all of their records. Get a testing policy in place and for the love of God, MOVE ON!

- Couldn't care less about the US Government investigating the NFL/the Patriots. Taping signals is no big deal. That's why they create signals- to disguise calls. Baseball teams try to steal signs constantly, and when they're caught someone gets buzzed by a fastball. Football can institute the same kind of self-policing. I'll agree that taping a practice is pretty low, but I can't imagine taping a walk through would have much impact on a game. Maybe I'm wrong, but I still over this as well.

- Jack Johnson's new album is ok, but no terribly different that anything else he's done. I doesn't quite do it for me.

- Predictions for the MLB Season (I might edit this if any major injuries occur during spring training):

NL Division winners: Mets, Cubs, Diamondbacks NL Wild Card: Padres

AL Division winners: Angels, Tigers, Yankees AL Wild Card: Red Sox

- I'm really pumped to watch Semi-Pro this weekend. Combining Will Ferrell and ABA Basketball just seems like a great idea. Plus Will Arnett could be a huge wild card in that movie.

- Band I've been meaning to check out, but haven't yet: Rogue Wave

- Democratic Presidential Debates are boring, but probably better than Republican Presidential Debates if those existed this year.

- These videos are hilarious:

- Warriors fans are so starved for a championship that most of them are unrealistic about how good the team is.

That's all for tonight. I'm really excited for baseball season and spring in general. Stick with me while I make this blog more coherent. Until then, check out the new link on the side "Stuff White People Like."

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