Friday, March 21, 2008

Bracket Busted

Well, after picking a perfect 8 for 8 during the first set of Thursday NCAA Tournament games, my bracket began to fall apart. I chose USC to be a part of my imaginary Final Four, and now I'm left to wonder what might have been.

When I first made my bracket, I had Kansas State winning the first round match up. I thought about it more, heard some things on ESPN radio, and decided to change my pick. I had Wisconsin coming out of that region which, to be honest, I was not too thrilled about. Kansas kills me every year, so I never pick them now. Georgetown doesn't impress me that much. Vandy and Clemson are both very suspect with their streaky play. This left me with a USC team I believed to have the most talented player in the country (O.J. Mayo) and who had just played UCLA to a close game in the Pac-10 tournament. In fact, I secretly thought this might be the pick that would make me look like a college basketball genius.

Well, let's make the USC alum analogy:

O.J. Simpson is to Nicole Brown-Simpson as
O.J. Mayo is to my NCAA Bracket

So I suppose I should just enjoy the games knowing that I've already lost my pool entry fee/pride. Chest bump it up Michael Beasley, you cost me a possible $400, and you'll be a millionaire soon. Oh, sweet irony.

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GMoney said...

So who would be Ron Goldman then??? Lance Ito? F. Lee Bailey!!!