Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Definition of Let Down

The Detroit Tigers.

They make a huge splash during the off-season and acquire Migel Cabrera and D-Train Willis from Florida. They look to have a potent offense, and even better pitching staff with Verlander, Rogers, Bonderman, Robertson, and some other guy. So they are expected to roll through the season and dominate the league. Not so, my friends.

The Kansas City Royals shut down the Tigers' offense, exposed the Tigers' bullpen, and swept them 3-0 the last three games. Yes. The Royals. You might know them as the terrible team that never amounts to anything. If the Tigers can't handle that kind of pressure, I shutter to think what will happen with the Indians, Yankees, Red Sox- hell, even the Rays are looking better than the Motor City Kittens.

This is even coming from a die-hard Cubs fan. The Cubs played awful against the Brew Crew and don't look like the team media "experts" have picked to win the Central. That being said, I'm way more confident in the Cubs than the Tigers right now. That team looks flat, fat (thanks Migel Cabrera), and not scary at all.

Maybe it's time for Jim Leyland to retire- again. They caught lightning in a bottle two years ago (until they got rolled in the Series) and then let their guard down last year. Coming out of nowhere to be good is way different than having World Series expectations isn't Detroit? You better recover soon or you're not catching the Indians.

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