Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Giants Paid $126 Million, and All They Got Was A Long Reliever

For not being a Giants fan, I certainly do talk about these guys a lot. In truth, I do like the Giants (or rather, I love going to their fine home ball-park) so I wish they would turn it around. I even like Barry Zito. I thought it was an intriguing signing last year, but more and more, it looks like an awful move. On the surface, it made sense to bring Zito across the bay as he was loved as an Oakland Athletic. He already had ties in the community. They probably got some defecting A's fans cheering on the Giants. Overall, it looks ok.

Well, it's not ok. Not at all. Brian Sabean knows how to scout one thing and one thing only- pitching. Look at their rotation: Matt Cain, Tim Lincecum, Jonathan Sanchez, and even Kevin Correia. The Giants lead the majors with 4, count 'em, 4 shutouts. There only weakness is every fifth day when one of the richest players in baseball pitches.

Now let's look at their offense... Depending on who Bochy plays they have the oldest or youngest line-up in baseball. Winn, Rowand, Durham, Molina, and Aurilla round out the old guys. Balker, Valez, Bocock, Lewis, and Ortmeier are the young guys. I can't talk about this offense without losing my own offensive ability to type, so we'll just say that they are anemic at best.

Sabean blew it on two levels. First, how in the hell did you think Zito was worth $126 mil? Your team is ONLY good at scouting pitching. Did you not catch a few games on local cable the last year Zito was on the A's? His skill set has been declining since he won the Cy Young award as the number 3 pitcher with Oakland. You had to see this coming.

If you couldn't get any offensive player to sign with you, then you save your money. Offense is exactly where your funds have to go. Find proven hitting talent to supplement your young pitching. You haven't had a home-grown offense force since Matt Williams. MATT WILLIAMS! He's retired already. You have signed every other player that was every offensively effective since then. For shame, Brian Sabean. You turned the only thing you're good at into your teams biggest weakness.

Imagine trying to trade Zito and Cain for nothing. How many teams eat the contract of Zito just to get Cain? Probably no one. You might have a couple bites if it was Lincecum instead of Cain, but you get my point. The Giants need to hire "the Bobs" from Office Space to come in and do some consulting. "So exactly, what do ya do Mr. Sabean?" To which he responds, "I'm good with people! I sign good players! Don't you understand what I'm saying!"

Uh, no. We don't.

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