Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Quick Hits

Roger Clemens is a pedophile! Well, maybe/maybe not, but he definitely was doing something inappropriate with Mindy McCready (yes, I'm aware that no one knows that she is a country music singer.) Clemens has had a relationship with her since she was 15 and he was 28, married, and had two kids. He claims there has never been a sexual relationship- though, he also filtered thousands of dollars to her through an intermediary. At this rate, Clemens will be more hated than Bonds, John Rocker, and OJ Simpson combined. Ok, maybe that was a reach- nobody reaches OJ level.

Costas on HBO was really interesting. They had Will Leitch of on CostasNow tonight for a panel about Blogging. They also had Friday Night Lights author Buzz Bissinger and Cleveland Browns Wide Out Braylon Edwards. Buzz went on one of the craziest tirades I've ever seen. He ranted about how profane, inaccurate, and overly terrible blogs are. Ironically, he used the most profanity of anyone all night and pulled snippets of blogs that "proved" his points. Honestly, this is an act of a desperate man who fears change in general. He's mad that more and more people read blogs and that it is "dumbing down" the world. Each point he made produced more projectile saliva than provoking thoughts. However, Leitch made the point that "running a blog is hard work." I can attest to that. It takes effort, focus, and intelligence to pull off anything remotely successful. It takes awhile to get readers and sustain their presence. I highly recommend watching the show if you haven's seen it.

Miley Cyrus is naked! Well, no she's not. There was a Variety photo shoot where she had a couple semi-provocative pictures. Disney met that with a furious rage that their prize cash cow was doing something not wholesome. Now Hannah Montana is backpedaling saying she's embarrassed about the pictures. C'mon Miley, the pictures aren't that bad and your parents were at the shoot (your dad is physically in one of the pictures.) Don't backpedal. Who cares? Just don't drink Rockstar and Vodkas for breakfast, marry a back-up dancer, or hang any children over a balcony.

3-1 is my Fantasy Baseball record thus far. My team is rolling on right through the Pete Rose Gambling All-Stars. Savages.

I'm in the studio today! Recording some new songs and tinkering with recordings from last time. Time to go to bed and get ready for it. Peace.

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GMoney said...

I plan on watching Leitch's ordeal after work tonight. From all accounts, Bissinger came off absolutely pathetic.

When will these people learn that if you acknowledge blogs, bloggers will love you.