Monday, April 7, 2008

Running Up the Score

I was listening to sports talk radio the other day and someone called in to talk about the "classless" Denver Nuggets. They had pounded the Seattle (almost Oklahoma City) Sonics a couple times this season. In fact, they scored 168 points against them earlier this year. The Sonics upset the Nuggets the this past week and have put the Nuggets dangerously close to missing the playoffs. The caller was so happy that the Nuggets "got what they deserved." Basically Karma! got the Nuggets. Because they ran up the score, they deserved to lose to an inferior team.

Slow down.

I don't believe there is such a thing as running up the score. Did you hear me? I DON'T BELIEVE IT IS POSSIBLE TO RUN UP THE SCORE.

I believe that final scores are always accurate. And here is why:

- Teams should never give less effort to develop bad habits. If a team is clearly more dominant than other team, it is not good for the better team to play to the level of their opponent. It can sometimes develop bad habits cause vulnerability to other better teams. When you step onto the field of play, you owe it to yourself, your teammates, your coaches, and everyone who has played your respective sport to play your ass off.

- It is always possible to lose a game. Unless the other team forfeits the game, there is no reason to play less than your best. The Cubs gave up a 7-0 lead today against the terrible Pirates and ended up winning in 12 innings. No game is safe until it is a final. Play your hardest until it is over.

- Taking your stars out of the game is not always necessary. The New England Patriots were conisistently beating teams by 20 or more points by halftime to start the NFL season last year. Taking the stars out at that point would actually cause more harm that good. They needed the live reps to stay sharp and in shape. This helped them play well in games that were closer against better, more talented teams. On top of that, a coach does take the risk of injury by leaving the stars in, and that's a decision they need to live with. It doesn't matter what an opponent who is getting absolutely dominated thinks.

- Stop crying. If your team sucks that bad that you are going to cry about a better team whooping you, then you need more practice and less complaining. Be more concerned with your own performance, not the other team that completely destroys.

I'll never understand people complaining about this. Ever. There's really no excuse for crying. Get better and stop worrying about the other team. You might actually improve your performance instead of staying at the bottom of the league.

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