Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Music Monday and Tuesday

I've been working on songs in the studio, so the update on my next album goes as follows:

I've already laid down tracks for the following songs, but have not 100% finished them:

As You Wish, Astronomy, Kids Playing Guns In the Street, What's Inside, Second Rate Song (electric guitars), Shallow Water Blackout, Saturday Boy, and 50 Stories

I'm waiting to lay these two down with my drummer, Bart:

Neon Sign and This Time Around

I haven't started on these, but will very soon:

What's the Past Got In Store? and You're Not Just Another Girl (acoustic)

I've laid down and pretty much scrapped these:

For Better or For Worse, Dial Me Up, and This Time Around (demo)

As you can see, this is taking quite awhile, but luckily I've been playing TONS of shows to help pay for recording costs and such. It won't be released until it's ready so thank you for being patient. I'll continue to update here as I do more.

Now on to some sports...

- I had to keep myself in check over the weekend. I have been saying all year that it is NOT World Series or bust for the Cubs, but I felt the crazy Cub Fan inside of me try to break out and go nuts after they swept the Diamondbacks. The Cubs' offense is getting on base and using timely hitting to have the #1 offense in the league. The Cubs' pitching is keeping them in games, with their bullpen holding steady. That is definitely a recipe for success. On top of that, my dream of a Cubs vs. Marlins playoff rematch would be in tact at the moment. I doubt the Fish can keep it up, but that would be some sweet vengeance.

- Fantasy Baseball did not smile on me this week. My team put up the worst showing I've seen any team have since I've been participating in Fantasy. I had Jered Weaver and Brad Penny get lit up. Papelbon blow two saves, Izzy lose his closer job due his terrible performance, and I think my team offense struck out 43 times (thanks Chris Young AZ.) My team is still in first, but wow, what an implosion!

- NBA playoffs are not interesting to me. None of my teams are in it. Only the home teams are winning. LeBron shoots about 9% from the field. I'll pass on this round. The highlights are ok, but wake me up when I can watch an entire game.

That's all I've got today. I'm looking to come back with some stronger material tomorrow.


Adrianne said...

Cosmo is the best cat ever! Tony is the best boyfriend ever! BLOG THAT!

Tony B. said...

I'm not sure how much blog street-cred I get for that, but thank you for the nice comment.

GMoney said...

Yep, street cred revoked.