Monday, May 19, 2008

Music Monday: Have I Been On Tour?

I haven’t had much time to do anything but play music recently. I played a show in Walnut Creek on Friday night, Saturday morning in Downtown Vacaville, Saturday night at in Lodi, and Sunday night in Davis. It was a little tiring, but to be honest I want more. Who wants to start paying me full time to play shows???

I don’t have too much to write about today as my brain is a little fried from all the shows, but here are some quick notes from the weekend:

If Jake Peavy is injured, my fantasy baseball team is done. He’d be the 3rd important piece of my team gone and I don’t think my team has enough firepower to win consistently without the jager chugging (my favorite picture of an athlete ever) beast of a pitcher.

To the d-bag who tried to start a problem at the Farmer’s Market in Vacaville on Saturday: Please get off the drugs and stop causing problems at 10am. Stop asking to play my guitar and stop reaching into the tip can. There is nothing more sleezy than someone stealing money from a performer working for tips. We all know you’re destined for prison time, so I guess I can’t be that mad.

Four hours is a long time to play music at once, but it feels shorter every time I do it. Maybe I’m in better musical shape (vocals, guitar calluses, etc.)

I’ve been told by a friend that if I learn an acoustic version of R. Kelly’s “Ignition (the Remix)” by May 30th, he’ll put a $100 bill in my tip pitcher. Keep in mind, Shay, I don’t want five $20s.

I haven’t seen “Iron Man. Oh, well.

I watched most of game 7 between the Cavs and Celtics. I have no idea who I was cheering for. I didn’t care who won, but the game was pretty exciting none-the-less. I pretty much hate all the teams left in the playoffs.

The Cubs are a bunch of savages, but they need another pitcher to truly win the World Series. I really like the direction they are going though- Dempster is 5-1; seriously?!

Since I’ve been on a huge Crowded House kick, I’ve also played a lot of their songs live. I thought people would be annoyed, and in fact I was wrong. People were more concerned about who they were and how many albums they have. 5 studio albums, one greatest hits, a few live records, and Neil Finn has two Finn Brothers and two solo records. Plenty of music to go around.

I hope your Monday is fantastical and exciting.

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