Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Quick Hits

Cedric Benson is a hooligan - The Bears worst number 1 draft pick since Curtis Enis was arrested on Boating Under the Influence and Resisting Arrest charges. He failed a field sobriety test, was asked to come ashore for further testing, resisted and got pepper sprayed in the face. Benson does deny that he was drunk and also says the cops roughed him up for no reason. Now, I guess I don't know who is right or wrong in this situation, but Cedric's prior attitude as a teammate does not help me believe his story. For instance, I'm more inclined to believe a gun-wielding Marvin Harrison than the selfish, not tough Cedric Benson. In fact, I hope this is enough to help Benson lose his roster spot on the Bears. I'm thinking he would fit in better on the Cowboys or Bengals anyway.

Gavin Floyd has his no-hit bid broken up in the 9th - While I hate the White Sox, I did pick up Floyd this week for my fantasy team. He had two starts and I figured he'd do alright. Boy was I right! It's too bad Joe Mauer broke it up with a double in the ninth. Did you see Nick Swisher dive to try and catch that ball though? That's what I want in a teammate. Swisher is missed in the Bay Area.

PETA Sucks - What can I say about PETA that hasn't already been said? I'm not a fan of them. I absolutely love animals, but the tactics PETA use to get attention are just awful. In case you missed it, Eight Belles (the horse) finished second in the Kentucky Derby and then promptly broke both of her ankles. The horse was writhing in pain and had to be euthanized on the track. This is absolutely tragic. PETA is now using it to gain support against horse racing. Yeah, these horses that are essentially celebrities and get fed better than most humans need a voice against their awful lifestyle. It was an accident and it was terrible, but please have some perspective PETA people.

NBA apologizes about Detriot time operator - What? The Chauncy Billups three-pointer at the end of the third quarter should not have counted, the NBA admitted that 5.1 seconds were on the clock, the play took 5.7 seconds, but due to the clock "malfunction" it did. This play changed the entire dynamic of the game and I think it's awful that they apologize, but essentially do nothing. Just when you think you've seen it all, there are more problems with refs, clocks, rules, and judgement calls. Sports is the best reality show ever.

Well, better late than never, but I'll be back tomorrow.


Johnny Utah said...

has there been a guy who's commitment is up in the air as much as cedrick? ho-hum performances for 3 years.

Tony B. said...

i'm done with benson on the bears- i don't think he'll ever live up to his initial hype.

GMoney said...

The NBA needs to do something about shit like that. The Pistons stole that game from Ron Jeremy.

Adrianne said...

Ahh unfortunately I have no sports commentary. But Jason Castro was a wreck last night and I hope that unkempt, awkward, socially retarded weirdo gets voted off tonight. Oh and lets talk about how cuuute tony bataska is!