Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Imus vs. Pacman Jones

Who's dumb and who's dumber? Radio Host Don Imus versus NFL player Adam "Pacman" Jones- in a fight to the finish- yeah, that's a good place to end. Remember, you get points for being worse (or possibly stupider) in this set up.

Famous for:

Imus: being an outlandish radio host and calling the Rutgers Women's basketball team "Nappy-headed ho's."

Pacman: Being a damn good cornerback on the field of play- but getting arrested six times off the field.

Advantage: Imus (at least Pacman is good at his day job when he's allowed to play. Imus catches heat because of his day job.)


Imus: Producers that encourage him to say racist remarks on air.

Pacman: A posse with guns that aren't afraid to shoot up a strip club.

Advantage: Pacman (Dudes with guns beats weenie producers any day of the week.)

Physical Appearance:

Imus: Cowboy hat/disheveled

Pacman: Bling and solid hair

Advantage: Imus (he looks awful so consistently.)

Personal Improvement:

Imus: Recently made another racist comment- this time directed at Pacman Jones.

Pacman: Wants to change his name so that people call him Adam. Feels that people might take him more seriously if he's not named after a yellow video game character that eats white pellets and occasionally chases blue ghosts.

Advantage: Imus (will this guy ever learn?)

So there you go. Imus is the winner of this contest in awfulness. He's in fact worse than a football player that has repeatedly made mistake after mistake. While I don't like either one, I am at least a little impressed with Adam's change in name. Not that it makes anything better, but I think he's trying. (Pacman was a nickname given to him as a child by his mother because of how quickly he ate his cereal, but now it's associated with shooting up strip clubs.)

Anyway, Imus sucks.

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