Monday, June 9, 2008

Quick Hits: Monday

I've been ridiculously busy with music and such, but I haven't been as ridiculous as the following things:

Cedric Benson - This guy is beyond my last nerve. I hate this guy. I'm 100% confident that the Bears could cut him and he would never catch on somewhere else. I'm also sure they would be better immediately. He's a cancer in the locker room and an awful human being. His recent exploits are in line with his overall prowess. He was pulled over for boating under the influence five weeks ago. He claimed that he was not drinking and that the cops roughed him up. I almost believed him because his story was so elaborate. The best liars always have lots of details to their story. Unfortunately (or fortunately) Cedric was pulled over Saturday for a DUI. Hmmm... makes me think the boating thing was legit as well. The NFL has set a solid precedent for suspending players for bad behavior so I have to believe Benson is gone for at least 4 games (probably 8) and I hope the Bears decide that enough is enough. I'd rather have Rex Grossman as the quarterback for the next 10 years rather than let Cedric Benson play another down in a Bears uniform. He's no Gale Sayers- he's not even Neil Andersen.

Lakers in 5? - In listening to sports experts, or blogs that I read, or articles online, by far the most popular prediction for the NBA Finals was Lakers in 5 games. Now I'm no mathematician, but it seems like if the Lakers win at all, they will have to do it in 6 or 7 games. Because the Celtics slumped against the Hawks and Cavs, everyone gave up on them being a legit contender. As it turns out, they provide a lot of match-up problems for the Lakers. They also have Paul "I'm a tough guy because I overcame a slight injury and came back and played so now I'm a Boston legend" Pierce. I am 100% certain that I played a championship game my senior year in high school with an ankle injury that was way worse than what P-squared is playing with. Get over it, he's a professional athlete and this kind of thing should be expected. If it isn't torn or broken, he should be good to play. Anyway, we'll see if the Lakers set it up back at the Forum- oops, I mean Staples Center.

Weezer's Back - Their new album is decent. If you liked them before, you'll like it. If you didn't like them before, there's nothing there that will turn you into a fan. The weirdest song on the record is "The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived." It's a schizophrenic rock song with many movements. I'm not even sure I like it that much, but I have to say it's decently original the way they did it.

Futbol! - Just went and watched a bit of Italy vs. Netherlands. I really love watching soccer at the country level. I'm not as into the sport as a general fan, but Euro Cup and World Cup are very fun events. As a side note, why do soccer and hockey make for such fun video games? Madden's alright, and who doesn't love RBI Baseball, but I've never had more fun playing sports video games than FIFA and NHL games.


Tony B. said...

UPDATE: Bears just released Cedric Benson! Who wants to party?

GMoney said...

Bill Swersky has to pumped about this Benson news. Da Bears.