Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Engagement Story

Well, I've been pretty lazy with blogging lately, but it's been because I've been running around preparing my engagement proposal to my girlfriend, Adrianne. I'm not sure exactly where to start, so I'll start with the ring and from there:

On July 2nd I took the day off of work without telling Adrianne. We live together in downtown (midtown) Sacramento, so I had to pretend like I was actually going to work. My friend Katrina also took the day off and got me into the Diamond Exchange in SF (you have to know someone to get in.) Her Auntie Lynn was the person who got us in. We immediately went to Edwards Jewelers. I explained all the specs that I needed/wanted and they brought out all the rings that they thought would work. I found one that stuck out among all the rest that met every requirement and then some. I told them to hold it and that I had to go check more places before I could make a final decision.

The next place was ok, but didn't really have what I wanted. The third place had one that was very nice, but didn't have GIA certification and I would not buy a ring without that. I then went to lunch and talked it over with Katrina and Auntie Lynn. I became more and more confident that the ring at Edwards was the right one. I went back there and completed the purchase. During this process, I truly wasn't sure how nice of a ring I could afford, but this one was absolutely stunning. I don't really mean to brag, I just want to convey how proud I am of it.

So I had the ring for about a week and I locked it in my desk at work. I couldn't risk having it around the apartment, and it was better as to not tempt me to make an impromptu proposal.

On Monday, I went to her mother and asked for her blessing and some help. We then went to Target, Safeway, and BevMo! to get all the supplies for the proposal.

That night I told Adrianne that we were going to go swimming after work, then play games, and have a nice dinner. Meanwhile, her mom had flowers and fine china waiting in the laundry room for after I made the proposal. I got out of the pool before her and went and changed into nice clothes. I was helping prepare dinner (though realistically her mom should take credit for meal.) Adrianne eventually got out of the pool and changed. I asked her to go get the game of Scrabble in the closet so we can play. We brought it out side and we she opened it up she saw the board pictured here. I has our cat's name as well as some other words that are meaningful to us and our Scrabble playing. I got down on a knee and presented her a twist-tie ring (she had joked that the ring is not as important as our relationship and that she would accept a twist tie from me.) But then I presented the real ring. Her first reaction was "Are you serious? Is this for real?" But then she gave a teary-eyed "Yes!" and her mom got a few pictures of the whole thing.

We spent a few minutes outside together and when we finally went back inside, all the flowers and candles were set up and the meal was ready. We had champagne and a nice dinner with Adrianne's mom and step-dad. Everything went perfectly and it was a great night.

It still is a little surreal, but I really couldn't be happier. I've never met anyone who gets me like her. I really am very lucky and I'm very excited for all the years to come.


Katrina said...

Yippee! It looks so beautiful on her finger! Great story! I am so happy I was able to help.

Tony B. said...

I'm happy you helped also! Adrianne is really really happy you helped! :)

GMoney said...

Congrats, Tony, you old hopeless romantic!!!

Tony B. said...

Thank G$!

Jen said...

Congrats!!! Very cute proposal and I'm glad everything came together so perfectly. :-)