Thursday, July 10, 2008

Harden Comes to the Cubs

For anyone who is coming to the site to read the story of my engagement, please see the story below this one. There's also a good one beneath that about my trip to the Giants/Cubs game in SF. However, this one is about- what else? The Cubs.

While I was 100% focused on getting engaged on Tuesday, I do have to thank the Cubs for making a huge trade and helping distract me from being nervous. When I found out that Rich Harden and Chad Gaudin were traded to the Cubs for a whole bunch of guys that the Cubs don't need (I like the guys, but they're not necessary for the club), I was very excited. My mind was able to rest and just be excited about the Cubs long enough to ease any tension I was feeling (I'm not even sure I was that nervous, but I wanted my whole plan to go perfectly.)

Anyway, the trade goes like this:

Rich Harden (injury prone, but total stud when healthy) and Chad Gaudin (solid pitcher who will be used in the bullpen) going to the Cubs


Sean Gallagher (excellent young pitcher), Matt Murton (good young player but has never fit into the Cubs lineup), Eric Patterson (position-less and Corey's brother), and Josh something or other (Catcher who is stuck behind all-star Geovany Soto)

So as you can see, even if Harden gets injured (please, please, please don't let this happen!) the Cubs gave up good players that they really didn't need. I never think Billy Beane gets ripped off, and time may show that this was an amazing trade for him, but I actually don't see the Cubs getting the raw end of this deal (see: Nick Swisher's trade to the White Sox- you got punked Sox.)

I keep saying it over and over and over, but if Harden can stay healthy, this is a fantastic trade. Their rotation is now Zambrano, Dempster, Harden, Marquis, and Marshall. If they could get Rich Hill to figure out what the heck happened to his ability to throw strikes, then it gets that much better. I already like the Cubs lineup because they get on base, play small ball, play long ball, steal bases- essentially, they are NOT one dimensional.

So c'mon Cubs, this year for me has already been great. I got engaged to the woman of my dreams, I play lots of shows on a weekly basis, I'm almost done with my second album, and the Cubs have the opportunity to put a cherry on top. No matter what the result, I actually think this is the best Cubs team that's ever been assembled since I've been alive- and that has been fun to watch.


GMoney said...

You forgot about Lilly. And that Matt Murton sucks balls.

It's a very high risk/very high reward deal. It's strange that Beane would give away his ace in the middle of a playoff push. Maybe he knows something that the Cubs don't.

Tony B. said...

WOW! I must have written this in a fog- I did forget Lilly!

I'm with you G, but if he's healthy, we can both agree that the Cubs got a great deal.