Saturday, July 26, 2008

John Mayer 7/25/08

I went to the John Mayer concert on Friday night in Marysville at the Sleep Train Amphitheater. Near the beginning of his set, I actually hit rock bottom. This was the least excited I've ever been to see a concert. Granted, none of it really had anything to do with John Mayer. The drive should have taken 40 minutes, but instead it took 3 hours. We missed the beginning of opener Colbie Caillat. And I was just generally tired from driving around last weekend.

HOWEVER- once Mr. Mayer went on stage I slowly got into a better mood. I'm not as big a fan as I used to be (much like Dave Matthews Band), but I still think he's a great guitar player and songwriter. The first thing that jumped out is that he shaved his head. Once I get past the initial shock of him looking like he should've been on my high school basketball team, I began to think that it's probably a pretty functional hair cut for a rockstar.

The set was pretty diverse while he focused on his new album and the second album "Heavier Things." He also played a number of covers including "Free Fallin'," "Crossroads," and "Burning Down The House." You can definitely tell he was having a good time and the band sounded great.

His biggest mistake came when he announced to the crowded that he was going to play a medley of "No Such Thing" and then go into "Why Georgia?" Unfortunately, the medley was NOT a medley at all since they never actually played "Why Georgia?" John, do me a favor, don't promise something you are not going to deliver on. It was disappointing. Not even as much for me (I've seen JM play twice before) but my fiance had never seen him before and she was really looking forward to that particular song.

So besides that downer, the show was good overall. I swear, John Mayer has a double jointed left thumb (watch it if you see him play, it's impressive) and huge hands. Solid guitar playing and solid show.

Lastly, I played in Vacaville this morning (always a treat) and then went to the A's game. Josh Hamilton hit a jack and the A's didn't play that well. Though, the weather was nice and it was fun.

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