Thursday, July 17, 2008

MLB Player Movement

Today we've seen a couple moves that I wanted to comment on:

Joe Blanton traded to the Phillies - Wow! For a team that is still theoretically in a pennant race, the Oakland A's just dropped their two best pitchers in one week! I feel for A's fans. I used to follow the team being out in the Bay Area, but I gave up on that when they traded Tim Hudson and Mark Mulder in the same week a few years ago. I think Billy Beane is a genius, but as a fan, I can't deal with the best players being turned over so quickly. Anyway, Blanton goes to Philly to improve their rotation. It should be a good move for their team, but Blanton is 3-12 on a winning Oakland team in a pitchers' park (for the most part) and now he's going to a band box hitter's park.

Biggest impact: Blanton's on my fantasy team- it might help a little to get him a few more wins.

Richie Sexon signs with the Yankees - Ok, I know what I'm about to say can easily be disagreed with for various reasons, but I'm still right. What the hell are the Yankees doing by signing a guy who was cut by the lowly Mariners due to "bad body language" and "lack of passion for the game." Sure, maybe NYC can light a fire under his ass (and if it doesn't he'll find himself unemployed again) but there is a MUCH better alternative than Sexon. It comes in the form of the most dominant hitter ever. Barry Bonds would play for the minimum salary, DH, and play occasional left field for the Bronx Bombers. Yeah, yeah, yeah- Bonds did steroids- Blah, blah, blah- he's a cancer in the locker room- whatever. A-Rod's adultering ass is a cancer in the locker room and frankly, Bonds would take some heat off of A-Rod.

Bottom line: with Bonds, the Yanks are A LOT BETTER and would easily be a playoff team. With Richie Sexon, they are exactly the same as they were- or maybe worse?

After the All-Star game, I'm pumped to see the second half of the MLB season.

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GMoney said...

Couple things:

1. Justin Duckshooter is the best pitcher on the A's. The Phillies gave up waaaaaay too much for a pitcher who wins 20% of his decisions.

2. Sexson is only a platoon player. He hits .344 against lefties. I'm not saying that I'm happy about the signing, but it makes sense considering that Giambi isn't too hot against lefties.

3. Barry Bonds would NEVER play for the league minimum. Plus he's being black-balled anyway.