Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pet Peeves

I'm not the most negative person, but I do have a few things that really bother me- and here's a few of them:

Great Pitching with No Run Support - a great example of this was Rich Harden pitching one hit ball the other night versus the D'Backs and the Cubs giving him nothing. A better example is almost every start Matt Cain makes for Giants. Get him 3 runs a start and see how his win-loss record would become MUCH more respectable.

Unoriginal Smack Talk From Fans - Anyone who yells "You Suck!" at a sports event should get kicked out. Not for offensive language, but for offensive taste in comedy. We all know that you're drunk and you can't think of anything creative. I'm pretty sure I've even written about this before, but that is how much this bothers me.

Brett Favre - So are you retired or not? Are you happy with the Packers or not? Will you play with any other team but the Vikings (not going to happen) or Packers? Are you coming back just to throw more critical interceptions? Are you doing this just for attention? Do you truly love the game because it seems like every year you question it? I know it must be difficult when deciding the future of your career, but jeez man, if I quit my high school basketball team back in the day, there's no way I'm getting welcomed back. I hope the Packers stonewall him and that they are terrible with Aaron Rodgers.

People Who Take Great Ideas, and Ruin Them When They Think They Are Improving Them - Joel Schumacher's Batman & Robin is a very good example of this. The movie Doom is another one. It seems like no matter what, people will always say "Oh, this is popular- let's change it and make it better!" When in fact, the outcome is a steaming pile of horse manure. There's no stopping flops like these, but I still hate them.

The Milwaukee Brewers - Oh, if you guys sell your souls (or your franchise depth) just to beat the Cubs this year I'm going to be so pissed. Vallejo's own CC Sabathia is tearing through the National League right now, and I can't stand it. One week after the All-Star break, I'm not comfortable at all. How about a Brewers v. Rays World Series? Can you say big time ratings?

Grant Napier - Sacramento Kings announcer and local radio host is very, very annoying. He subbed for Jim Rome and toned his act down a ton. Wow, Mr. Napier, could it be because the national audience wouldn't be able to deal with your bias and annoying takes on sports? I can't watch Kings games or listen to 1140 AM in the afternoon- just awful. (Flip to KNBR 680 AM for a far superior sports talk experience.)

That's all for now. I have more but it's making me angry to write about these things.

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People Who Take Great Ideas, and Ruin Them When They Think They Are Improving Them

The new Indiana Jones.