Monday, August 11, 2008

50 (Quick) Stories

Ok, so probably not 50, but here are some quick things that caught my attention:

Fukudome - I just read a story that Lou Pinella is thinking about benching his high priced Japanese outfielder Kosuke Fukudome. Why you ask? The answer is simple- a steady decline in batting average. He hit .305 in April, .293 in May, .264 in June, .236 in July and .107 in 28 August at-bats. Here's a segment from

Fukudome said Piniella has not expressed his frustrations with him face-to-face.

"It doesn't bother me at all," Fukudome said. "Maybe that's the American way of doing things around here."

Well, since I've seen Mr. Baseball starring Tom Selleck, I clearly know everything there is to know about Japanese baseball- and I'm pretty sure that when a guy hits around .200, you're getting benched in whatever culture you're in. Especially when two guys on the bench (Mike Fontenot and Reed Johnson) have recently been hitting around .400. C'mon Fukudome, Cubs fans love you and voted you into the All-Star game when you had no business being there on statistical merit- don't cause a problem in the clubhouse. Better yet, start hitting.

Jason Mraz - I almost never talk about work (in fact, I say almost because this is the first time I've ever done it) but this one was a pain in my rear and I'm going to drop knowledge for those who want to listen. Jason Mraz is coming to Freeborn Hall in Davis on November 3 and tickets went on sale on Saturday 8/9. We also had a student presale limited to 100 tickets at $20 on Thursday 8/7. They also saved 100 tickets for another student presale which will happen in late September/early October.

For the student presale- people camped out as early as 5am and we had about 400 folks in line. Some people cut in line and I know of a few people that camped at 6am that didn't even get tickets. Of course, a few people were less than nice to me (coincidentally, if you want to tell me how bad a person I am, why wouldn't you confront the people who cut in line?) but many people were nice about it and listened for better ways to get tickets. Here's a quick cheat sheet:

- Have someone go online, buy at the window and call on the phone. For a very popular concert, the worst thing that can happen is that you don't get tickets- getting extra is no problem because you can sell them to some desperate soul who was not as resourceful as you.

- If you miss out, buy tickets on StubHub or eBay. DO NOT buy tickets on Craigslist. It works sometimes, but if you get scammed, there are no repercussions for the scammer like there are on StubHub or eBay- I find them much more reliable.

- Have realistic expectations of the show you are going to see. Too many people get so excited about a show that they can't possibly have fun. Any little thing that isn't perfect will set someone off so their night will be as fun as watching Art of War II on DVD (thanks for that one Wesley Snipes- the first one wasn't bad enough?)

- Lastly, this is for the students- if you can get your $20 presale tickets, great. However, buy the $35 if you really want to go. If you wait for the second presale, the rest of the ticket will be sold out and no one will have much sympathy for you. The odds of you getting student tickets the second time are slim. Buy tickets now and resell them later if you happen to get lucky and get student tickets.

Enough about Tickets! - The Olympic 400m relay in freestyle swimming was absolutely amazing. I was actually on stage when it was going down, and you can imagine that more people were paying attention to the race (including me.) Jason Lezak came up huge overtaking the cocky French-man in the last 15m of the race. He was able to help Michael Phelps win another gold medal and keep him on track to break record for most gold medals won (held by Mark Spitz.)

I watched it a couple times after I got home on my DVR and I still can believe he was able to pull ahead and win by 8 hundredths of a second! Absolutely insane! Congrats USA, this is why the Olympic Games are awesome!

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