Monday, August 25, 2008

Summer Comedies

This summer has been one of the best (if not the best) summer ever for great comedy movies. I would say the average comedy movie disappoints me because I'll get excited to see it, and my expectations will inevitably be higher than the actual product. That could not be further from the truth from the last three comedies I've seen in the theater. Throw The Dark Knight in there and you have a very entertaining summer at the movies.

Step Brothers: Probably the funniest of the three. I love Will Ferrell (not a very original opinion, but true none the less) and enjoy most of his movies. I was getting a little tired of all of his sports spoofs (Talladega Nights, Blades of Glory, and Semi-Pro) where Ferrell essentially plays the same character over and over in different (but similar) situations. This was a breath of fresh air. John C. Reilly was also on top of his game and these two childish 40-year-olds beat each other up (or get beat up together) and play pranks the likes of which haven't been seen. Horatio Sanz's cameo as the '80s only Billy Joel cover band singer was too much as well.

Pineapple Express: As far as stoner movies go, this one goes straight to the top (well, near the top.) Seth Rogen and James Franco are both hilarious as they run from killers and the law while still managing to stay high the entire time. James Franco especially deserves some credit on this one, as he normally plays more dramatic/serious roles (yes, I did just consider Spider-Man a more dramatic role.) While he's not known for his comedic roles, he does a great job playing a stoner drug-dealer. James Franco's foray into comedy reminds me of when Matt Damon was in Dogma and proved that he can also play comedic roles.

Tropic Thunder: This movie is ridiculously funny. The cameos by themselves are worth going to the movies. I won't say who they are, but one in particular is so funny that you'll be laughing like Caesar Romero's version of the Joker. Let's just say it's one of the biggest movie stars in the world and it has not been advertised at all. To be honest though, the show is absolutely stolen by Robert Downey Jr. He plays a character within a character, and the things that come out of his mouth are comedy gold. Even from the very beginning, they have fake previews to introduce you to the characters in the movie. Downey Jr.'s is by far the funniest of those.

You really can't go wrong with any of these movies. They're all really funny, so grab your 100 oz. re-fillable soda and mini-swimming pool of popcorn and enjoy.

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