Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Who Is Worse?

As I have been listening to KNBR 680- "the sports leader"- there has been a lot of talk about the San Francisco 49ers quarterback situation. And in the battle for the starting job we have the following candidates:

J.T. O'Sullivan - former UC Davis Aggie and regular A-Hole. While it was fun watching my college football team destroy other teams by scores that would make the 1999 St. Louis Rams feel proud, it was ridiculous seeing J.T. on Campus treating everyone he could like shit.

Alex Smith - Mr. Smith also made an appearance in Davis over a year ago, where I saw him at a local bar. He was getting drunk and making out with some girl. I'm pretty sure it wasn't his girlfriend, and to be honest she was about a 7 out of 10. When I saw this I thought, "I know I can get a hotter girl than that [and since then I have gotten engaged to her], and that guy has $50 million!" C'mon Alex, don't underachieve at everything!

Shaun Hill - No Davis stories for Shaun Hill, but this guy just doesn't have arm strength or athleticism. If you need someone to hold a clipboard, I will totally do it.

Anyway, back to my listening to 680- a caller called in and said "At least the Niners don't have the Bears' QB situation."

Now look, I'm not saying either situation is great (or even good), but are you serious? So you'd rather have two quarterbacks that have been paid a lot of money (Alex Smith got around $30 million guaranteed and Shaun Hill just signed in the off-season for extra cash) who both ultimately get beat out by a lifetime NFL Europa player rather than two quarterbacks who both have over .500 career records, neither are getting paid tons of money, and both are only signed through this year. Rex Grossman [shown below training for this season] is probably the most talented of the bunch if he could ever stop making stupid decisions with the football and Kyle Orton seems to win most of the time for no reason at all.

I really can't even believe I'm making this argument, because as I said before, NEITHER team has an enviable QB setup, but I just thought it was funny that people would call in and rationalize their team's terrible predicament. Niners fans are getting desperate to find something they can hang their hat on. Well, I'll be a gentleman and give you something- their defense will be very good this year. Whether their offense can keep the D off the field and fresh is another point entirely, but look in that direction Niners fans if you need encouragement.

Both these teams will probably go around 6-10 to 8-8 because of wins they'll steal from division rivals. Neither team will make the playoffs. But you know what the best part is? We get to see these two teams match up, tomorrow at Soldier Field. My final score prediction is 5-2. Watch out for that gem of a game.

For the record: I'd like to see Alex Smith and Rex Grossman eventually win the jobs and turn into the quarterbacks they were drafted to be, but if that's not in the cards, I won't lose any sleep over it.


GMoney said...

You have to be a special kind of drunk to enjoy a 49ers/Bears game.

Tony B. said...

Or just play a drinking game where one person drinks if there's a Bears incompletion or turnover and the other person drinks when there's a Niners incompletion or turnover. Somebody buy a keg...