Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Album Update

I thought it would be interesting to post this. I emailed this to my drummer and producer earlier today stating what is left to do on the new record. A bass player would be helpful, but otherwise it is just tweaking somethings and laying down drums. As you can see, we've getting things done.

As You Wish - 2:25 acoustic guitar late hit, re-do drums? (maybe just first half of the song?), back up vocals

Astronomy - bass, re-do vocals (due to distortion in the track), drums, defining stamp (guitar? synth? other?)

Neon Sign
- percussion solo? 1:40 (during first lines of the second verse- seems like there is room for extra pecussion- any ideas?), stand up bass?

Shallow Water Blackout - bass, drums (add sticks in spots, keep the brushes), vocal harmonies

50 Stories - bass (but I'm comfortable playing bass on this one), harmonies, possible vocal change 2:15

What's Inside - re-do vocals (distortion), light drums (brushes), bass

So Far Away - re-do drums, bass, vocal harmonies, re-do some main vocals at the end of the song, guitar solo 2:23 and light electric detail work

Saturday Boy - bass, vocal harmonies, and a guitar part that stands out (palm muted? octave? some sort of a hook)

This Time Around - add sticks to parts of the song, guitar hit 3:36 (but Karl fixed it in his mix down), bass, melody line with guitar/piano

Kids Playing Guns In the Street - patch vocals (re-do?), drums, bass (this one is actually pretty close and has good character)

What's the Past Got In Store? - electric guitar background fixes, drums into Middle 8 (2:27), acoustic guitar hit 3:10 (fix timing), vocal harmonies, bass (I can play bass on this one as well, if necessary)

Second Rate Song - back up vocals, bass, main vocals 3:48

You're Not Just Another Girl - nothing (light drums/percussion if anything, maybe just a shaker)

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