Monday, September 8, 2008


The NFL is back and it was an awesome Week 1. Here are some of my impressions from the games:

Two TVs: I watched the 10am and 1pm games at my Mom's house. My little brothers have the two TV set up which I utilized to watch the Jets/Dolphins and the Eagles/Rams at the same time. Once the Eagles cemented themselves as really, really, really, ridiculously better than the Rams, I changed that TV to the Cubs game. From the Jets/Dolphins, Favre's first touchdown pass was pretty cool, and his second was a winning throw from his version of Three Flies Up. At least reckless quarterbacking will not affect the Bears anymore.

(I'm now glazing over the fact that the Cubs seriously choked away a games against the Reds. Get this out of you system now guys, because I'm going to lose my mind if you all play like this in the playoffs.)

Payton's Boys vs. Peyton's Boys: Speaking of the Bears, that Sunday night game was something great. I actually had come to terms with about a 6-10 season already, until the Bears absolutely dominated the Colts to open their new Blah Blah Corporate Oil Field Stadium. Matt Forte looked like the running back the Bears thought Cedric "I Take Great Opportunities For Granted" Benson would be. Kyle Orton managed the game very well. For once Bears fans didn't have to watch the game with a box full of Tums. Look, I'd rather have the Super Bowl XLI championship, but if there is one way to exact some revenge, it is dominating Peyton and crew in the first game at their brand new stadium. Awesome.

SF vs. Arizona: This game was awful. After watching the first 3 quarters, I gave up and went to out to eat. I'm torn between knowing JT O'Sullivan is an A-Hole, and wanting someone from UC Davis to succeed. Really, it doesn't matter what I want, the guy is pretty good- for an NFL Europe QB. I played at Pyramid Alehouse at 6pm where I set up and watched the beginning of the Bears game at the back bar. One of the waiters saw I was cheering for the Bears. He said, "Do the Bears still have Rex Grossman- he's horrible." Turns out he's Niners fan. C'mon my brother, making fun of the Sex Cannon is fine, but your options are JT, Alex Smith and Shaun Hill. You're not in a current position to make fun of the Bears quarterback who at least got to a Super Bowl.

All The Other Games: What? Tom Brady is hurt. Colts lose. Chargers lose. Jags lose. The AFC looks wide open now. Also, it is crazy that Matt Cassel hasn't started a game since high school (he got caught behind Carson Palmer and Matt Leinert at USC.) The Packers and Vikings played an awful game furthering my thoughts of a Bears Division Championship. The Broncos dominated the terrible Raiders.

Worst Performance of the Week: The Detriot Lions. That team is so terrible. How do you let the Falcons run all over you? Not that I'm complaining due to my ownership of Michael Turner in Fantasy, but are the Lions going to be terrible forever? Somebody bring Rodney Peete and Barry Sanders back. Hell, I think they might settle for Erik Kramer. (Note to the Browns: you're lucky the Lions exist because you're a close second.)

Quick predictions based on no knowledge what-so-ever: USC over Ohio State, UC Davis over Portland State, Notre Dame over Michigan, and LSU over North Texas.


GMoney said...

It made me violently ill to watch that loser, Brandon Lloyd, actually make a few catches Sunday night.

Tony B. said...

I still remember Lloyd from his potential-laden days with the Niners- and now of course with the Bears. Feel free to block out the Redskins portion of his career from your memory.