Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Week 2 NFL

Ok. I admit it. I was beyond mad at the Bears game and couldn't confront the situation by way of Blog until now. The Bears absolutely choked away their game against the Panthers. They were up 17-3 in the 3rd quarter and couldn't get it done. But why? Well, Greg Olsen's two fumbles didn't exactly help the situation. Both killed solid Bears drives, and I believe the second one resulted in Carolina points.

But let's not stop there. Oh no, that was just the tip of the iceberg. The play calling was atrocious. "Hey, let's run with Matt Forte on 1st down, gain decent yardage, and then try to surprise the defense with our awful passing attack!" I'm so glad Ron Turner loves to pass deep every play, even though the running game works perfectly well (and would take MORE TIME OFF THE CLOCK.) And seriously, we obviously know neither Kyle Orton or Rex Grossman are hall of fame quarterbacks, but if you want to pass deep every play, the Sex Cannon is better selection at QB than Orton. Orton was 1 of 9 (maybe 10) on passes over 15 yards. If Rex does anything well, it's throw the ball deep. Ron Turner is calling plays like he's playing a game of Madden. The funny thing is that even a Madden player would get dominated with play calling that bad.

I was so mad about the Bears loss, that I barely enjoyed the Carlos Zambrano no-hitter. Imagine that, the first Cubs no-hitter in my lifetime, and I was still bummed out about the Bears. That's either naive commitment on my part, or the Bears, as usual, raising my expectations in order to crush them.

To be honest, I think the worst part was that I went out of my way to go to a bar and watch the Bears game, saw them dominate the first 2 and a half quarters, then come crashing down in a waterfall of mediocrity.

Other Game Headlines:

Terrible Raiders Beat An Even Worse Chiefs

Refs "Hoch" A Loogie On The Chargers

Redskins Elimate Me From Survival Football

Niners Beat Seahawks In Unwatchable/Exciting Game

Bills Beat Jags- Are Maybe Decent

DeShawn Jackson's Actions Are Unexcusable, But Eagles Gives Him "Daps" Anyway- Eagles Lose

Honestly, I'm still mad about the Bears. Choking away a game in that fashion tells me that I can expect more than a decent season where they maybe sneak into the playoffs. Tomorrow: Grossman vs. Rodgers - Is Aaron really that great?


sean said...

I bet I could beat Turner at Madden. & that's saying something!

Tony B. said...

I disagree, you'd get frustrated and quit before the game was over!

GMoney said...

Never bet against the Redskins.