Friday, October 31, 2008

The Funniest Tip Ever

Last night I played at Pyramid Alehouse in Sac as I do every Thursday. There was a lady at the bar clapping along to my songs, enjoying herself (and why wouldn't she?) Then, all of a sudden she was wearing a witch's hat. It became more obvious that she was getting trashed.

She came over to me and was standing to the side as I was about to take a break. She began rifling through her wallet, presumably looking for some money to tip me with. Instead of cash (or change, I suppose) she pulled out some stamps. She said, "These are more valuable than money- write your mother a letter!"

I beg to differ drunk lady. However, it was pretty damn funny, so I'll let her slide. After all, would I even be writing about this if she had tipped me with money?

Happy Halloween everyone. If you want me to use my new fortune of stamps to write you a letter, feel free to leave your address in the comments. Have a great All Hallow's Eve.

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