Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I Had a Great Day...

...except for the Cubs. And guess what? I'm not in a great mood. They got worked over against the Dodgers and it does not feel good.

Rather than run through a profanity laced tirade that would make Full Metal Jacket look like an episode of Care Bears, I'm going to sit on it. I'm censoring my blog like Q*bert does when he gets caught by a Squiggly Thing. #@%&!

Big Z versus Billingsly tomorrow. The Cubs better come to play or you might be talking me off a building tomorrow.

Ok, so the odds of me killing myself are slim, but it will not help my blood pressure or acid indigestion.

Oh, and by the way, Lee, Ramirez (Aramis NOT Manny), and Soriano- please live up to your paychecks. Hit the freaking ball. Please. If James Loney can, you can.


GMoney said...

That was pathetic last night. Since local boy, Billingsley, will shut them down tonight, it's all but over for the Cubs.

As a Yankees fan that is used to the feeling of losing in the postseason, it gets easier every year.

Tony B. said...

It doesn't even feel like the playoffs start until the LCS... it's hard to take.