Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday Evening Back Up Quarterback

It's a good thing I waited to make this entry because I can start by mentioning the 49ers coaching situation:

Mike Nolan is out, Mike Singletary is in: Mike Nolan's disastrous tenure as Niners' head coach is over. They've been a non-factor in the NFL for many years now, and Nolan has done nothing to change that. In fact, his manner of dodging questions at press conferences and making inept in-game decisions has only fueled the fire of the Niners' futility. Luckily, he's being replaced by one of my childhood heroes- Mike Singletary. If nothing else, this guy is going have awesome pregame and halftime speechs. I would hate to be a player making a mistake and have Singletary staring me down. Direct gaze from his eyes can make small woodland creatures scatter.

It is interesting that they did not choose Mike Martz to take over. He has been running the offense and is a more experienced (some vs. none) coach in the NFL than Singletary. I'm also surprised they did not wait until the end of the season. I feel like Mike Holmgren might be available to bring back to the Bay Area. The other option might be Bill Cowher, but he has no shot at the job because his name is not "Mike."

Raiders beat the Jets - The Raiders squeak out a victory over the Brett Favre led Jets. I couldn't help but cheer against them at the end because of head coach Tom Cable calling a time out right before the Jets kicked a possible game tying field goal. Jets kicker Jay Feely missed the kick, but got a re-do because of the Raiders calling timeout. He, of course, made the second kick and sent it into overtime. I wish teams would stop such shinanigans, but I know they won't.

Sebastian Janikowski ended up kicking a 57 yard field goal in overtime to with the game for the Raiders. I text messaged my friend, Phil, to congratulate him on the Raiders win and this is what he had to say: "F*** ya! They must have given [Janikowski] double the amount of blow than he normally does before a kick..." Truer words may have never been spoken.

The Rays are going to the World Series - That's cool. I like the players on the team. But come on, it's hard for me to take all of these expansion teams seriously. If the team didn't exist when I was born, I lose a little bit of interest if they make it to the World Series. D'Backs, Marlins, Rockies, Rays and I'll even throw in the Nationals. I can't believe the first four I named have won or at least gone to the World Series. As a Cubs fan, am I jealous? You bet I am. (Side note: How great would a Cubs/Yankees World Series have been in 2003? Can you say HIGHEST RATINGS EVER?)

So far the Pats are playing well and up 13-0 in the 2nd quarter. If Tom Brady was playing, this game would be over already.


GMoney said...

When it came down to the decision of Martz vs. Singletary, the deciding factor was clearly, "who was awesome in Tecmo Bowl and who wasn't even in the game?"

Tony B. said...

Singletary was awesome in Tecmo Bowl- very dominant. As I recall though, Lawrence Taylor was the most dominant defensive player in the game.