Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday Evening Back-up Quarterback

Sorry for the lateness of this blog. The Bears had a bye week this week so I was not as interested in the NFL this week. HOWEVER- Mike Singletary had the best post game news conference of the year. I liked it so much, I'm posting it now:

My fantasy football team won because the Reggie Wayne Campaign was completely unproductive tonight. I was up 7 points, so if he had caught a touchdown, I most likely would've lost. 3 catches for 29 yards is a beautiful stat line.

The Phillies/Rays game was postponed tonight, so the World Series will not be decided tonight. They will resume tomorrow and play the game from the 6th inning with a 2-2 score. I guess it's better to decide the World Series during regular weather, but it was fun to watch them roll around in the mud for an inning-and-a-half.

Besides all that, here's a non-sports story. Leaving my future in-laws place tonight, I was driving down Madison Ave in Carmichael, CA. I was being tailgated by a beat up Ford sedan. I tapped my breaks a couple times, but they would not stop. We finally got to a light where they wanted to turn left and they shot ahead of me and screeched their brakes at a red light (that I'm not sure they saw initially.) I shot them a bad glance, and they were giggling. I debated reporting their license plate number, but low and behold there was a Highway Patrol car right behind me once the other car had gone left.

I figured he would head that direction, but NO. He stuck right behind me, basically tailgating me as well. He drove behind me for about 3 blocks, then went around me and cut me off to get ahead of me. What kind of an alternate universe is this?! I'm getting tormented by stupid drivers, one of which is supposed to lay down the law. The Highway Patrol in that area is awful and they need to seriously get re-trained as to how to uphold the law.

Other headlines:

NBA starts this week
Titans rule, Colts drool
Saw V, really similar to Saw II through IV
Bay Area Football Worse Than Ever
Big Ben Destroyed By The Giants
Cowboys Beat Bucs, Prove Nothing
Heroes Is Still An Awful TV Show

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