Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pros and Cons

Right now, life is going pretty well. I'm pretty sure I just jinxed myself, but all and all I can't complain about the majority of life. Here's a quick run down of some positive and negative things that you can (or maybe not) relate to:

Con: Heroes is an awful TV show: These guys have lost their minds. Doc Brown frowns upon the multiple gaping holes left after Heroes has now had multiple futures. The time traveling is out of control. There is absolutely no way that Hiro could've traveled back in time in the first season to tell Peter "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World" when we've now seen multiple future realities. On top of that, why was it so important to "Save the Cheerleader" [SPOILER!!!] if she ended up getting her power stolen by Sylar, anyway. Also, they are blatantly reversing roles of "Heroes" and "Villians" just to get a reaction out of the audience. Here's a reaction- your show is terrible.

The show is a joke and has become a parody of itself. I'm barely still watching. I think I played an online poker tournament during the episode on Monday (which normally wouldn't happen for something like, say, an episode of Lost.) Do something quick Heroes, because I am losing interest fast!

Pro: I'm engaged to a great girl: She's EXACTLY what I've been looking for and I can't wait to be married. I think some people (hopefully less than I imagine) get to a certain point in life and just settle. They get married because they are in their mid to late 20s and figure "I should get married, so I will." I guess that would be what some would call getting married for the "wrong reasons." Anyway, I'm totally confident that I'm getting married for the right reasons and it feels great!

Con: Being a former athlete and watching teams I'm a fan of fold up in critical spots: Look, obviously I'm not a good enough athlete to play professional sports (and it's stupid that I didn't play college basketball, but that's a story for a different day...) but watching the Cubs and Bears fold up when the pressure is on is maddening. I've made a couple game winners in my day (that's right Coach Carter- why don't you cry about it!) and I'm sure I've missed a few shots as well, but watching the Cubs infield boot balls around like Little Leaguers, or seeing the Bears blow a one point lead with 11 seconds left in the game just pierces my heart. I HATE getting emotionally involved in teams that I'm not a part of. At least if I lose, it's on me. When these guys lose, I have nothing to do with it (yet, I'll start to get superstitious and think I should've been wearing a different shirt or jersey.) Maybe my "fan-ness" needs to readjust, or even better- maybe my teams could come up in the clutch and win some championships (see: 1990s Chicago Bulls.)

Pro: My new iPhone: This things is ridiculous. I don't use it as my regular iPod because it can't fit the 10,000 songs I would need for it to be a suitable replacement, but having my pictures, some songs, the awesome applications, internet browser, and email all at my finger tips is absolutely euphoric. If anyone has recommendations on other applications I should get, let me know!

Con: Impatience: I can't elaborate too much on this one because I do NOT like talking about my day job on this blog, but if people could please understand that if you were hypothetically going to a college football game, you should get your tickets ahead of time, or show up early on game day. If you wait until 10 minutes before kickoff to arrive, get your tickets, and get through the gate, there's a good chance you'll miss opening kick off. In fact, be early for any large event you're going to attend (i.e. athletic events, concerts, etc.) It's good advice- trust me.

Pro: Playing Music: I'm actually pretty successful at playing music every week. I continue to have shows every Thursday (Pyramid Sac) and Sunday (G Street Pub, Davis). On top of that, I won "Downtown Vacaville Performer of the Year 2007" last March. I play often in Walnut Creek and get to open for awesome bands like Honeyspot, 2ME, Lantz Lazwell, and the Pinder Brothers. I've also opened for Matt Costa (Harlow's in 12/05) who is pretty big time these days. Anyway, it's a lot of fun and going pretty well. I really need to get my 2nd record done, and then I'll really be rolling, but until then, it is just excellent that I get an opportunity to go what I love.

So that's the general update what's going on these days, in the present. No I haven't traveled to the future making this blog completely irrelevant. That would be stupid.

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