Monday, October 6, 2008

Week In Review

Well, Sports Fans- I don't know what to say. The Cubs looked like a Little League team versus the Los Angeles Dodgers. I was awfully frustrated and disappointed with their performance. The fact is that the Cubs have scored 12 runs in their last 6 playoff games. They have not won a playoff game since they were up 3-1 in the 2003 NLCS against the Marlins. I had a lot of fun enjoying this season, but the end was anti-climatic. I don't have any other in depth analysis other than to say that "Next year is the year... it's always the year"

On to happier topics, the Bears dominated the Detroit Lions. Kyle Orton threw for over 300 yards, 2 TDs and 0 INTs. Go Bears.

The 49ers couldn't come through against the short-handed New England Patroits. The offense looked great initially, and looked like the Cubs' offense in the second half. No points=loss almost every time.

To be honest, I was a groomsman in my friend, Mike's wedding this weekend so I was not able to watch too much sports this weekend (including the Cubs final playoff game) but I'll end this with my two extremes picks of the week:

Most Impressive Performance: (besides the Dodgers who I will completely ignore) the Washington Redskins. Once again, I was sure they would let down this week (I picked against them in Week 2) and they played a GREAT game against the Eagles. They are making me a believer. You never know- we might be on a collison course for a Bears/Redskins playoff match-up.

Least Impressive Performance: (besides the team from the North Side of Chicago that I've already mentioned) the San Diego Chargers. This team is SOOOOOOOOO talented and Norv Turner is clearly not getting the optimal performance out of his players. They start slow EVERY game. The underacheive every game. LT is coming off as a powdy whiner. I like the Chargers, but I can't stay on the bandwagon if they keep choking in games they should win.

Basically, this was a depressing sports week for me, so it's hard for me to get very excited about much in the way of athletic contests. I will leave you with quick predictions:

World Series: Red Sox beat Phillies

Super Bowl: Dallas beats Steelers

NBA: Sacramento Kings make the 8 spot in the West (bold, ain't it?)

NASCAR: I'll pay attention the day Cole Trickle and Ricky Bobby show up and actually race in a race.

Lastly, I'd like to make everyone aware of something that is a big deal in America. It's something that 1 in 12 Americans may not have heard. It's about a certain ornithological topic... oh Ba-Ba-Bird Bird Bird! Bird is the word! Ba-Ba-Ba Bird Bird Bird! Bird is the word!


Tony B. said...

Damn YouTube- stop taking funny videos away!

GMoney said...

When Lois turned on the light and Peter was singing right into her face, I almost pissed myself. It's been awhile since Family Guy has made me laugh like that.

Tony B. said...

Totally agree G$. Since my clip got erased, I found the full episode!