Friday, December 12, 2008

The Cupboard is Bear

I watched the Bears' game yesterday during my show at Pyramid in Sacramento (1029 K St) and I have to say- they are not good. They won in exciting fashion with a field goal to tie the game at the end of regulation and two field goals win the game in Overtime (I HATE it when coaches call time out and make the kicker kick twice.)

But during their win, I had to resign myself to the fact that they are not good. Even if they squeak into the playoffs, they are not a contender. Here are some reasons that I believe prove that the Bears have some serious improving to do:

- Their pass defense is atrocious. The Bears are known for being the "Monsters of the Midway." However, they have been carved up by the likes of Brian "I'm not good enough to be on the Bears" Griese, Kerry "I'm the luckiest man in the NFL to be in my situation" Collins, Matt "Inexperienced stud" Ryan, and Aaron "My team is good, why are we 5-8?" Rodgers. I would seriously pass 70 times against this defense, and they would do nothing to stop it.

- They have no idea how to finish games. I've watched my fair share of games this year, and the Bears typically score on their first drive, have a decent second quarter, and do NOTHING in the second half. Does Lovie Smith give them reverse pep-talks? I can only imagine him at the blackboard like Ben Stein boring the team to tears. Lance Briggs needs to spear him into a wall or something. Too bad Braylon Edwards isn't on their team to hook them up with 5 Hour Energy- although I hear a side-effect of that is the "dropsies."

- Terrible play calling. Their offensive coordinator Ron Turner is pass happy. He literally calls games like he's playing "Super Playaction Football" for Super Ninetendo. In that game you can call deep bombs all day and rack up the yards. Unfortunately for Ron, he's in the NFL, he has an average quarterback with below average receivers, and one of the best running backs. Why in the world do you pass so much when you have the lead? And Lovie, what the hell was that fake punt all about? It's like they were trying to lose the game.

These are enough flaws to make me realize that my hopes of a Super Bowl redemption are ill-conceived. I think they have some good pieces, but will need to have a good draft to complete the puzzle. Until then, enjoy close losses and underacheiving.


GMoney said...

I didn't get the play-calling either. They get the ball back with less than 6 minutes to go and a 4 point lead and Orton throws on the first two downs, the second getting picked by Fujita??? Run the damn ball and ice the game!

Tony B. said...

It's amazing how much better teams would be if bloggers called the plays.