Wednesday, December 31, 2008


2009 really will bring some surprises and it started this past week:

- Bears miss playoffs - I saw this one coming, but c'mon guys! Losing to the Texans? You jump out to a 10-0 lead and the Bucs and Cowboys lose which would have given you a rematch against the Vikings. Instead you let the Eagles into the playoffs and now you're off to the club to make sure more pictures of you end up on (I'm looking at you Kyle Orton!)

It's probably a good thing. I don't want a sorry team that has holes on defense and an inconsistent offense thinking they are good enough. Get to work and enjoy watching all the beatable teams in the playoffs (gotta love parity.)

- Cubs trade Mark DeRosa - OK, so my fiance's favorite player is traded and I was never even able to get her a "I'd go to Second Base with Mark DeRosa" T-shirt. Oh well. But hear me now Cubs- YOU MUST GET JAKE PEAVY NOW. There was fan backlash when the initial report came out that the Cubs were thinking of trading DeRosa to complete a deal for Peavy. Think about trading DeRosa and NOT getting Peavy. Don't do it.

As a side note - the Cubs should no longer give interviews to people major sports magazines that want to do mid-season stories on "Breaking the Curse." Sports Illustrated did not one, but TWO stories on the Cubs' Curse last year. Just play the game and stop worrying about mumbo-jumbo. Hire Serrano to pray to Jobu before the first game and never speak of it again.

PPS - Bye Jason Marquis. Hope your ERA doesn't suffer too much at Coors Field.

- Speaking of Colorado- Mike Shannahan fired? As Eddie Murphy would say, "What have you done for me lately?" Who the hell are you going to hire that's better? Can't wait to see it.

Happy New Year everyone. I hope 2009 is great year. On my agenda, I have a record release, find a legitamite band to play shows with, and a wedding. Sounds like a lot, but I think it will get done.


GMoney said...

I have no problem with the Shanahan firing. The guy hadn't really won anything since Elway retired and that was years ago.

Trading DeRosa was stupid. Solid utility players don't grow on trees.

Tony B. said...

Unless they get peavy. That makes it ok.