Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday/Friday Shows

I'm playing tonight and tomorrow at Pyramid in Sacramento (6:30-8:30 and 8-10pm, respectively) so come on out and enjoy some fine ales and food. As always, tell your server you're there to see me and get 30% off your check.

Here's an EXAMPLE of what you can see. It's amazing I could even play at that point because I had witnessed James Loney hit a grand slam off Ryan Dempster literally minutes before stepping on stage. I still rocked the Cubs jersey with whatever pride I had left.

Speaking of the Cubs- why are you not getting Jake Peavy? It would make total sense, and I described exactly how to make it happen in the last post. Now, it seems that the deal is dead and I'm disappointed. Peavy is one of my favorite players, despite not being on the Cubs. You would think the Cubs' brass would sack up and get it done, but I suppose I don't know what goes on behind the scenes. Oh well... what could've been...

I really like the Killers' new album. It is their third (or fourth, depending on your count) major label album, so it's about time for the haters to surface. However, I still like what they're bringing to the table.

Anyway, come out to Pyramid if you can and have a great early weekend!

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