Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Make a Lay-up!

For many months I neglected playing basketball. It was a difficult thing to give up when I stopped playing. Because of two wrist surgeries (one right, one left) in college I was never able to play college basketball (I was recruited to play, and ultimately cut from the team- then had the aforementioned surgeries- finally healed and a senior.)

Anyway, like a relationship that goes wrong, but is hard to get over- I had to let the game go. I almost exclusively watch baseball and football for entertainment, and rarely watch basketball. I played basketball even less.

But why write about any of this drivel? Well, because I wanted to mention two things:

1) I attended a Sacramento Kings game on Friday night.
2) I played in a UC Davis IM game last night.

For anyone checking the schedule, the Kings played the Milwaukee Bucks on Friday night. Why the hell would I attend this match-up of epic proportion? Well, the answer is simple- free tickets and free parking. While I did manage to spend $20 on a couple Bud Lights, it was still a good deal to attend an NBA game.

The Kings managed to give up 19 points to Michael Redd in the first quarter. In fact, they could've been playing against just Redd's points and been losing. Down 20 at the half, my friends and I went to the bar. Now, for the life of me, I can't figure out why there are so many women who are dressed up (or dressed down, if you get me) at Sacramento Kings games. Are they on dates and trying to look hot (trying being the optimal word)? Are they going out after the game? Are they hooking up with one of the Kings players (why? and couldn't the player get you better seats?)

So after spending the entire 3rd quarter in the bar, we went back to watch the 4th quarter. The Kings actually made a run and cut it to within two points (114-112), but were ultimately overmatched by the almighty Bucks. While it's not a brand I'm willing to pay for, it was a pretty fun time. I mean, I am stuck in Sacramento, so what are my options, really? Kings or an hour-plus drive to watch the Warriors? And in reality, if the Kings were good, would the tickets have been free?

Coincidentally, after having a decent time at the Kings game, I was asked to join a UCD IM team playing with some of my employees. I figured that shaking off the rust would be good, and despite having to purchase an IM card and a UCD gym membership (this is b.s. by the way) I was ready to go.

While I'm a far cry from back in the day, I didn't play that bad. I couldn't make a lay-up to save my life. It's the worst feeling in the world, but my touch was just not there. However, it was ridiculously there from the three-point line. I lost count, but I'm fairly certain I hit 5 or 6 threes. The team we were playing had a decent strategy playing zone (though that is lame) because they were a lot smaller than us, but they would not cover out to the arc. In a way, it was a good warm-up game and we probably would have lost to a better team, but a win is a win. Unfortunately, because of my lack of ability on the lay-up making front, I'm going to be doing Mikan lay-ups everyday until our game next week.

So I suppose the point of it all is that it feels good to play a little and even watch a terrible NBA game. It's like catching up with an old friend. I'm not going to be able to play forever, so I suppose I should take advantage of it while I can.

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GMoney said...

Ah, yes, the Mikan Drill. Punishing big men in practice for over 5 decades now.