Wednesday, February 4, 2009

25 Things

On Facebook, there has been this chain letter of sorts going around where you write 25 random things (about yourself or otherwise) and then you tag 25 people. Those people are supposed to repeat the process and it goes on and on...

Now normally I don't like Facebook or Myspace surveys, but I took the time to do this because I liked the free-form nature of it. I figured I'd post it here:

1. My fiancĂ© Adrianne is my favorite person in the world. The conversation we ever had involved “Duck Tales,” Halloween costumes, and lots of laughs. She’s as random as me, and twice as beautiful (as me or me randomness- take your pick.) I’m ridiculously happy we found each other.

2. My five favorite bands are Crowded House, the Beatles, Wilco, Muse and Oasis. I don’t see that list changing very much as I get older.

3. The scar on my eyebrow happened when I lived in Napoleon, OH. I was playing catch with my little brother, Tim, when I missed a ball and it hit me in the face. The glasses I used to wear cut my eyebrow. As you can tell, said glasses were not as helpful as they should’ve been.

4. When I started playing music, my first band’s name was “Aberration.” This was then changed to “Catch-22” and then to “Last Exit.” In college, I was in a band for a quarter named “Long Road Home.” The band was actual a class project for the History of Rock & Roll class. We got A’s.

5. I’ve seen the Transformers Animated Movie (1986) probably 100 times. I’m pretty sure I watch the movie and recite the lines word for word. Am I embarrassed of this? Nah, not really.

6. I will never get over the fact that I didn’t play college basketball. I’m 100% sure I was talented enough to get it done. While two wrist surgeries didn’t help my situation, I still think I could’ve been a good contributing member to a D I or II team. Ultimately, I did decide my own fate by not transferring away from Davis. This decision, however, I do NOT regret.

7. I visit a few websites on a daily basis: – – – – – and any fantasy sports leagues I happen to be in at any give time.

8. I’m bothered more and more everyday by people I don’t know who approach me with self-serving conversations. For example, today at lunch, a man was with his son walking out of Togo’s and remarked to his son about me, “There’s guy with the height to play volleyball.” I told him I never played volleyball and that basketball was better. He then told me something about some volleyball team coming up from Cal Poly to play Davis in “Far Westerns” and then went on to say that his son is due to have a growth-spurt. He mumbled, “It’s going to happen,” a few times regarding his son’s growth-spurt as they left the store. I hope his son does have a growth spurt because he may otherwise be at risk for good old fashioned father-son beat down. I seriously can’t make this shit up.

9. Speaking of which, any sport that uses the term “Far Westerns” immediately loses respect in my book. Volleyball and Swimming come to mind.

10. I would weep tears of joy if the Cubs won the World Series. There is no joke here. This would happen.

11. I really wish Kurt Cobain didn’t commit suicide. If not for all the great music he surely would’ve made, but for his daughter being raised by single-mom, Courtney Love.

12. String cheese and Crystal Light is one of my favorite snacks. The strawberry-orange-banana CL is ridiculously delicious.

13. When I met the bassist of Third Eye Blind, Arion Salazar, a year before their first album came out he tried to promote his other band, “You think [3EB] is good, then you should really check out my other band- Fungo Mungo!”

14. The best line in Karate Kid is when Bobby of Cobra Chi Dojo yells out “Get him a body bag! Yeah!!!” during the final fight scene. I suppose you already knew that though.

15. I would have to have A LOT of money to be as addicted to strip clubs as many NFL Players- I’m looking at you, Pacman Jones.

16. Keanu Reeves’ best three movies are The Matrix, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, and Point Break. I am very much entertained by all three.

17. When I explain to people that I was born in Chicago, moved to Ohio when I was three, moved to Georgia when I was in fourth grade, then moved to Walnut Creek, CA when I was in seventh grade, I am always asked if my father was in the military. He wasn’t.

18. Spicy Brown Mustard is the best condiment ever. I want to go back to Top Dog in Berkeley and try their spiciest mustard (I couldn’t handle it years ago- but I feel like I’m ready now.)

19. Every birthday party I had in Elementary school had homemade pizza, Sunkist, and a cake with a Transformer on it. Damn it- two Transformers references in this document is too many!

20. My favorite TV show is Lost. The only show that could have competed, is Carnivale.
Unfortunately, HBO had to be A-holes and cancel it far too early.

21. Recently, at a show of mine, a guy requested that I play “Hungry Like A Wolf” by Duran Duran. I responded with “that would be a weird song for me to play.” So he said, “How about some Depeche Mode?” To which I replied, “Do you want ‘Personal Jesus’ or ‘Enjoy the Silence?’”

22. I’ve seen Dave Matthews Band 12 times. I doubt I’ll ever see them again after that turd of an album “Stand Up.”

23. It would be easy to convince me that Eric Montross is Tyler Hansbrough’s father.

24. Due to various friend groups, I feel like I was in college as long as Van Wilder (maybe longer!)

25. If I was so inclined, I could easily have over ten groomsmen at my wedding. Ironically, by keeping it at four (my three brothers and Sean) I feel relieved that I didn’t have to start picking and choosing people at the risk of making someone feel left out.


Rae said...

i totally knew you were going to re-post this here, and was surprised when you didn't do it yesterday ;)

Tony B. said...

Then I suppose I'm disappointed you didn't repost your comments- there were a lot of them!

GMoney said...

I'm of the belief that Courtney Love had Kurt murdered. I've seen all of the conspiracy documentaries and I am sold. That whore had him murdered.

Tony B. said...

The most convincing evidence is that the shotgun that was used was too long for someone to put in their mouth and pull the trigger without using their toe- Cobain's body was discovered with his shoes ON. In either case- it sucks that he died.