Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Media Will Use Anyone's Take

I was listening to KNBR 680: THE Sports Leader this morning and realized how stupid this whole A-Rod thing is. The Murph & Mac show interviewed "power bat" and Giants second baseman Kevin Frandsen this morning about the upcoming baseball season. Check that, they asked him more questions about A-Rod than about the Giants. Great. This is like Dave Chappelle's joke with a news anchor asking Ja-Rule about September 11th. "Where's Ja! We need his opinion!"

C'mon Murph & Mac- you're better than this. You asked him a question about if A-Rod's admission to using steroids will be a distration in the Giants clubhouse. Frandsen being a professional gave a decent answer about how they don't have to deal with it because it's not in their clubhouse and hopefully they can talk baseball instead of steroids. M & M followed it up by asking, "Some of A-Rod's answers seemed a little fishy- do you think he told the whole truth?" Nice baseball question. And realistically, what is Kevin-Frickin'-Frandsen going to say about it?!?!?! He once again said something professional to the effect of, "I hope he told the whole truth."

Then they eventually ended the interview and said, "There you go folks. Kevin Frandsen weighing in on A-Rod and the Giants." I knew there was a reason I listen to Adam Corrolla in the morning rather than you guys, and you're proving me right all the time. I understand A-Rod is a big story and you don't need to ignore it, but Kevin Frandsen? He does not need follow up questions about the A-Rod situation. Frandsen was hurt all last year and has never been a regular starter for an entire year in the Bigs. Ask him about how excited he is to be healthy and what his feelings are on the Giants. Leave the 'roid talk for appropriate people- Bonds, A-Rod, doctors, lawyers, Jose Canseco, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Miguel Tejada, trainers, Clemens, someone who has inside information, a ex-teammate of A-Rod's, a current Yankee, or anyone else who makes these questions relavent.

For the record, I think Frandsen is a hard worker and a savage. I hope he has a great year.


GMoney said...

I've never heard of Kevin Frandsen to be honest. Murph and Mac <<< Dingo and The Baby.

Tony B. said...

All of this is pretty local- Murph and Mac are on 680 AM (Bay Area Sports Talk) and Kevin Frandsen is a young/possible decent player for the SF Giants. I found it ridiculous that they kept bringing up A-Rod.

Loved the Dingo & the Baby reference.

Anonymous said...

Funny post, I was wondering the whole time why they kept asking about A-Rod...then again, if they had to have any Giant (established or not), may as well have been him be the one to give an intelligent, PR friendly perspective...seems like a sharp dude.

Tony B. said...

Totally agree, Anonymous- if that is your real name... Thanks for commenting!

Annoying Blogger said...

They might as well start interviewing bloggers.