Wednesday, February 25, 2009

National League Predictions

So the first games of Spring Training start today!!! I'm so ready for baseball season to start. In honor of this joyous day, I figured I'd lay down some predictions. I'm not sure I have anything that interesting to say, but hey, it's probably better than listening to Steve Phillips' predictions.


This division is currently not predictable because we don't know where Manny will end up. Being that I listen to lots of KNBR 680- THE Sports Leader (the SF Giants flagship station) I can say with 80% certainty that the Giants won't sign Manny. The vibe on the station is that all the radio host want him, but no one believes they are serious contenders for him (sounds about right to me.) My prediction must be taken with a grain of salt because a few years ago I said with 100% certainty that they wouldn't sign Barry Zito and look how that prediction held up (also, look how that signing turned out- ouch.)

Assuming the Dodgers and Manny find common ground and get a deal done, I'll go this way:

Dodgers, D'Backs, Giants, Rockies, and Padres

Assuming the Giants sign Manny we'll go:

Giants, D'Backs, Rockies, Dodgers, and Padres

And assuming neither team signs Manny:

D'Backs, Giants, Rockies, Dodgers, and Padres


This division is loaded. You have the defending World Champion Philadelphia Phillies. The New York Mets with a re-tooled bullpen. The Atlanta Braves with Derek Lowe (don't count out Bobby Cox), and the always unpredictable Florida Marlins. I see it shaking out this way:

Phillies, Mets, Braves, Marlins, and Nationals

This is the toughest division to pick because I see upside in teams 1-4. The firey ring of hell known as the Nationals have already eliminated themselves (Adam Dunn, really?) Since Chase Utley says he'll be ready for opening day and they actually improved their line-up by signing Raul Ibanez, I have to go with the Phillies. This division will be a battle though. I full expect the Wild Card to come out of this division (Mets.)


This division is difficult to pick because I have no idea where to go beyond first place. Every other team besides the Cubs did virtually nothing to help their team (in most cases they got worse.) The Brewers lost CC and Sheets, resigned Gagne. The Cardinals did literally nothing. The Astros are offensively decent, but their pitching is not scary (besides Oswalt.) The Reds and Pirates will continue to be irrelavent until they actually prove otherwise. I think the Cubs will win this division by 10 games with the addition of Milton Bradley and retaining the core group that won 97 games last year:

Cubs, Cards, Astros, Brewers, Reds, and Pirates

Other awards:

MVP: Chase Utley
Cy Young: Johan Santana
Rookie of the Year: Jeff Samardzija
Comeback Player of the Year: Kenny Powers (if only this was possible, he'd look so good in a Pirates jersey!)

So there you have it. I'll be back with AL predictions soon enough- maybe event tomorrow- who knows!


Patrick said...

Waaaaay better than listening to Steve Phillips.

Annoying Blogger said...

I like your confidence in the Padres

Tony B. said...

How about this- if Mark Prior is healthy- Padres in 4th place rather than 5th. There's your confidence.