Monday, February 2, 2009

No More Football- What Are We To Do?

So the Steelers didn't cover and luckily I didn't put any money on it. I did however, lose $20 on the square game. I also hurt the arch of my foot playing football in the alley behind my friends' houses at halftime (though to be fair, I did take that kickoff to the house!) Anyway, the season is over and here are some suggestions of what you can do to waste time until next September:

- Hang out with Michael Phelps and watch "The Wizard of Oz" synced up with "Dark Side of the Moon." If you don't have the WoO DVD handy, you could turn to "Thumb Wars" and a bag of the Munchies. The Chewie thumb is out of control.

- Go off the grid and pretend you're Jack Bauer - Pros: No rules, you get to torture people to get information, and you get to speak in a very gruff tone. Cons: Mostly likely, you will get tortured as well, the Chinese government wants you dead, and you never know when the heroin addiction from Season 2 could come back to bite you.

- Get a pet - I know my new kitten, Juliette, has kept me entertained- a new dog, cat, bunny, or iguana might be just the thing you need to pass the time. If possible, try to get a pet based on your favorite football team. If you like Atlanta, you could get a falcon. If you like Carolina, you could get a cat (or panther if you're brave.) If you like Pittsburg, you could get a beer-guzzling steel worker. If you like Washington, you could get a... wait, probably shouldn't go there.

- Take up basket-weaving - if you're lucky, you might run into many of the NFL players that took basket-weaving in college. Matt Leinert could be your teacher, though the older, more experienced basket-weaving teacher would ultimately take his job.

- Go see your favorite local singer/songwriter - Thursdays @ Pyramid Alehouse in Sacramento. 6:30-8:30pm. PLUG!

- Watch Baseball - Some might say it's too boring, but you get games just about everyday, there are ridiculous amounts of stats to sift through, and if you're lucky enough to be a Cubs fan like me, you can stay on a never ending quest to win a Championship. Super awesome!

- Freeze yourself like Cartman - Eric Cartman once froze himself because he couldn't wait 3 months for the Nintendo Wii to come out. He was intending to get thawed out the day it came out, but unfortunately he woke in the distant future where religion was replaced by science. If that did actually happen, you'd at least have the phone that would let you prank call the past, and that would be very worth it.

- Watch Ric Flair promos - No one's more entertaining than the Champ- ha!

Well, there's some suggestions. Don't get too bored and throw any better suggestions back my way.

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