Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Tie?

My intramural team had its third game last night, and I played like garbage. I'm sure there are plenty of excuses to make, but I'm not making them. We played the other 2-0 team, and we expected a tough game. I felt like A-Rod (because I played well against the worse teams, but played poorly when more was on the line.)

So while I was underachieving, the rest of my team picked me up. We were down be 6 with about 4 minutes left, but we rallied and end up tying the game with 5 seconds left. The other team attempted a stupid long pass from the baseline and we actually ended up intercepting the pass and getting a difficult shot off to almost win the game. I say almost because we were tied as the clock expired. Ok, let's play another couple minutes and finish this off...

What's that? IM games at UCD can end in a tie??? Really? Really? What kind of garbage is that? My teammate Steve said he felt like Donovan McNabb- "I didn't know the game could end in a tie." My thoughts exactly.

Basketball should NEVER end in a tie. It taints a beautiful game. I still felt like we lost because, in truth, we didn't win. I imagine this will help us get into the playoffs, so that is good, but I still can't shake the awful feeling that a tie brings about. My psyche is not built to accept such an abomination. I suppose all this tie business could've been avoided had I played a bit better- oh well, there's always next week...

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