Monday, March 16, 2009

A Case of the Mondays

- Friday - Mixing beer, jager, and sake together with a small amount of sushi is not the best idea. I don't recommend it.

- Saturday - Huevos Rancheros however, is an excellent choice for the morning after a night like the one just mentioned.

- Saturday - Home Goods stores have too small of aisles. I know this because I constantly felt like I was in everyone's way while inside the store. Also, a Home Goods worker was pushing a normal size cart and managed to knock over a display shattering a table and a dish. I don't blame her though. The size of the aisles made it more difficult to safely navigate her cart than successfully completing many of the shortcuts on Mario Kart 64.

- Saturday - I was at my friends' engagement party in San Jose Saturday night (congrats Harrison and Vanessa!) Two of my old college roommates and I showed up wearing argyle sweaters. We didn't plan it, and I'm pretty sure none of us have one other article of argyle clothing.

- Saturday - There has been a running joke within our friends about how much I hate Nickelback. The joke doesn't really get old because I really, really hate them. After ranting about how terrible their music is, the conversation got quiet for a couple seconds, and my friend Jenny said quietly, "You really don't like that 'Rockstar' song?" The group burst into laughter.

- Related: Here's a quote from the website

"Today, it was my birthday. My girlfriend bought me a Nickelback CD. F*** my life."

- Sunday - I've got my kitten Juliette comfortable to walk around in a harness. We've now progressed into having her walk around on a leash in the courtyard of the apartment complex. She was a little timid to start, meowing a lot as she explored the courtyard, but I have a feeling I'll be walking her around very soon.

- Sunday - As we can tell in the picture above, I need to lose a few pounds. I got to the gym on Sunday and had an extended run on the tredmill. As a bonus, the Big Ten championship was on TV and Purdue's defense was excellent motivation for me to keep running. Those dudes work hard on defense.

- Sunday - Speaking of College Basketball, the St. Mary's Gaels got jobbed, and were left out of the tournament. You may remember them as the team that was beating Gonzaga in their own gym, when their best player and Olympic athlete, Patty Mills, broke his hand. Without their best player, St. Mary's faltered, but still should have gotten a bid. Arizona basically stole their bid by losing 5 out of their last 6 games. That's pretty clutch. The bright side of this was the yelling match between Dick Vitale and Jay Bilas on ESPN right after the Selection Show. The best part was when Dickey V sacrastically gave up on his argument, "You know what? You're right, I'm wrong. St. Mary's didn't make it so no amount of me talking about it will change anything." It was a cutting remark meant to scorn Bilas as if they had just gotten into a lover's spat about who was supposed to do the laudry. Priceless.

I've got Thursday and Friday off this week, so I'm ready to watch ridiculous amounts of basketball. I already feel like a kid waiting for Christmas to come around (because the days go by so slow.)


GMoney said...

You 3 look like the founding members of the Charles Howell III Fan Club...and that is absolutely not a compliment.

Nickelback has been in Ohio recently. My friend went and saw them and I have not spoken to him since.

Tony B. said...

That is some solid commenting G$. I have no comeback because we actually do look like a CH3 fan club.

Matt Clark said...

I also have Thursday and Friday off and i can't wait. gotta love March Madness

Annoying Blogger said...

Tony those sweaters... come on dude

Rae said...

Friday - My good friend RACHEL was in town all the way from NEW YORK and Adrianne and I got to have a lovely time with her and all my other friends from the groupie corner in college.

I see where I rank, :P