Monday, March 23, 2009

Great Long Weekend!

- Thursday & Friday were consumed with tournament watching. Utah St. vs. Marquette was one of the most entertaining games I watched while Cal vs. Maryland was like watching videos of Enya's greatest hits set on a basketball court. Of course, the game I really wanted to watch was Gonzaga vs. Akron, but I was playing music through most of that game. It was on a couple of the TVs, but I didn't get a good look. I'm glad they came on strong against Akron and then came out on top against Western Kentucky. The Zags need to make some legitimate noise in the Tourney now that they're considered a major college basketball program. I'd love to see them take care of UNC. At least that would help out a couple of my piss-poor brackets that are floating around.

- Saturday I went over to my friends' Matt and Brian's houses (that is some ridiculous puncuation and I hope I got it right!) Matt's daughter Heidi turned 1! Congrats and Happy Birfday! Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate and the party was not in the park, but the blow-up bounce-house was moved to the house and all the kids (and some adults) had a great time! Of course I did enjoy some adult beverages and some cake (which was delicious.) Once the party was dying down a bit, we went to the neighbor's house and I got my first real taste of the game Rock Band. That game is awesome! People couldn't believe it was my first time playing (because I love and play music- not because I was especially good.) I can't believe they have the Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld song on there! That's hilarious!

I also saw the movie I Love You, Man. It was funny. I'll give it an 8.5 out of 10.

- Sunday I made it into the studio for a few hours and did some bass and back-up vocals. The album is getting ever-so-closer. One thing I learned Sunday is that I suck at vocal harmonies. I have to work on that aspect of musical abilities. It's a struggle.

- Last, today my left forearm was feeling tingly and hot from a spider bite. I texted my fiance to let her know and she texted back with "Can you cast webs from your wrists? Climb up walls?" This is just one of the millions of reasons why I'm marrying her.

I'll be back tomorrow with a solid and highly debatable Top 10.


GMoney said...

Lords of the Underworld! Darkness fills my heart with pain!

Sounds like a potential bonus track for that upcoming album...

Tony B. said...

I might do it too- unless Phil Collins ruins the band first.

dAndy ManCandy said...

I just got Guitar Hero World Tour about a month ago. Needless to say I need my GH time everyday like a hooker needs her meth bump.