Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lost "He's Our You"

I'm going to try an experimental blog post. While watching "Lost" I'm going to post reactions to the action. I'll only try this once if my commentary seems pointless or mundane. Be warned, if you haven't already watched all the episodes up until now, this will contain SPOILERS. And so it goes:

- From the previews, it looks like we're going to get a lot of Sayid and Ben information this episode.
- A flashback to Iraq shows that Sayid has broken necks even before breaking that Other's neck on the beach in the Season 3 finale.
- Young Ben visits Sayid again in the Dharma prison- even as a kid Ben was a scheming bastard (could be read as a good or bad thing.)
- Flash to Moscow- no idea what year. Sayid breaks in and kills a Russian dude with a silenced pistol. Back to the time between 2004 and 2007 when Sayid was an assassian for Ben. Ben tells him he's "done" and killed everyone in Widmore's organization. Very awkward conversation.
- Horace cuts Sayids binds in Dharma 1977. Horace threatens Sayid with a not so subtle way of saying "you better talk or you're gonna get tortured."
- Juliette calls out Sawyer and says "it's over isn't it?" Worried about Sayid talking. Horace comes in and tells Sawyer that he wants to have some dude have a go at getting Sayid to talk. Sawyer goes to Sayid and lets him know he has to cooperate and live in "Dharma-ville" or he's on his own. Sayid being the badass he is, says he's on his own. Plus we're going to want to watch him get tortured.
- Surprise, surprise. Hurley is working in a cafeteria. Hurley just broke the news to Kate that Juliette and Sawyer are lovahs. Kate doesn't look to be taking the news too well. She seems like a homewrecker by nature.
- Ben Linus' dad, Roger, is talking crap to Sayid. Ben is bringing Sayid another sandwich and his dad is none too happy. He throws Ben up against the cell bars. No wonder this kid ends up smoking out his pops.
- Ben visits Sayid in Santo Domingo. Ben lies his ass off to get Sayid back to the US and killing folks. Ben spins his words about Sayid being a killer by nature. Clearly Ben's reverse psychology got him back to LA to kill the watchman outside Hurley's mental institution. $5 says Ben planted that man there.
- Sayid - "Don't taze me bro!" He didn't say that, but he did get tazed.
- Some crazy dude in a tent has been pointed as the island torturer. Sawyer says, "He's Our You."
- They just put something really bad in Sayid's mouth. Looks like he gave him a truth serum of some sort. Where's Wonder Woman's lasso when you need it?
- Flashing back to being on the dock and Ben saying something about going back to the island. Now Sayid is at a bar drinking Scotch- $120 a glass! I love Scotch- Scotch, Scotch, Scotch- down into my belly!
- The US Marshall strikes up a conversation with Sayid. She suckers him into buying him a glass of scotch before apparently getting him on a plane.
- Back to the 1977 present. They are asking him questions and he is answering ridiculously truthful. Also blowing everyone's cover. Telling them all about the different Dharma stations. This is sweet. He just told them they are all going to die.
- Sayid- nice creepy laugh! No one believes he's from the future- what idiots! Hi-oooo!
- Looks like Kate and Juliette are about to have passive agressive conversation about Sawyer. Expect some serious drama soon...
- Radzinsky wants to kill Sayid. Is Stu unstable enough to shoot himself in the face with a shotgun?? Yep.
- Amy agrees on the subject of killing Sayid. Sawyer is the only one not voting to kill Sayid- oops- looks like he just agreed grudgingly.
- Sayid went home with US Marshall lady in 2007/2008 time. Nice knee-high boots! Well, there's a kick to the face! She's a bounty hunter! Well Boba Fett, now it's off to Guam.
- Sawyer offers to let Sayid escape and Sayid doesn't want to. Sayid says there is some sort of purpose to this, but he doesn't elaborate in true Lost fashion.
- A Dharma van on fire just crashed into a house. Looks like a distraction so Young Ben can get Sayid out of prison. Sayid agrees to take Young Ben to "his people" if Ben sets him free. Sayid says that is "why he is here." So many lies and tons of posturing. Awesome.
- Sayid realizes they aren't going to Guam in the airport. Sayid sees Ben on the plane and gets emotional.
- Young Ben let Sayid go and Jin finds him. He takes out Jin and then SHOOTS YOUNG BEN! Now obviously, "Whatever Happened, Happened" so I don't think Ben is going to die, but damn, that's a pretty awesome way to end the show.

Well, we found out a little bit more about Sayid, how he got back to the island, and also more about Ben's past. Overall, a pretty awesome episode and I can't wait for next week!

UPDATE: I've noticed on some message boards that people are debating whether Ben is dead or not and what that would do to create a paradox in the show. Let me save you the suspense- he's not dead. This parallels when Ben shot Locke and left him for dead in the Dharma grave (Season 3.) When Locke shows back up, Ben says something like "I should've known the island wouldn't let [Locke die.]" The island won't let Young Ben die- trust me.


Rae said...

I think I'd be into you live-blogging my fav show if it was less "what's happening" and more commentary. I really like your jokes and stuff "Sayid - "Don't taze me bro!" He didn't say that, but he did get tazed." BRILLIANT! LMAO.

Also, Daniel Farraday (where did he go?) said that it doesn't matter what they do now, because whatever happens already happened. So Ben was shot but OBVI he lives.

Tony B. said...

Great feedback- I'll keep that in mind if I try next week's episode (I probably will at this point.)

I think Faraday is around- maybe working in the mines building the Orchid. He could also be trying to seduce young Charlotte. Somebody should slap Meghan's Law on that guy quick!