Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I'm braindead today, and I'm going to attempt a showing at the gym momentarily so here are a few random thoughts to keep my blog alive... barely:

- The phrase "Do you have the time?" is obsolete. Just about everyone has a cell phone, so everyone knows the time. Not to mention clocks are everyone. There's a clock on my computer, on my TV, on the aforementioned cell phone, and in just about every public establishment I can think of. If someone asks you for the time, tell them it must 1996 since they don't have a cell phone. You probably didn't want to talk with them anyway.

- Gray GAP shirts are bad luck? I've bought the SAME gray t-shirt from the GAP twice. In both instances, I put the shirt on for the first time and the shirt was ruined. The first shirt has a puncture in it from my newly acquired kitten. The second, I got today, and had a dirty knife slide off the table at dinner and fall directly onto the shirt. I'm trying to "Shout the stain out" but we'll see if I have luck. I'm beyond mad about this.

- People often ask me how long it takes to write a song. Some songs take weeks, months, or years to finish. Others, like one today, take (I kid you not) 5 minutes. It just spilled out. I love it when that happens.

- One of my main issues with the Bible is the lack of dinosaurs. I feel like Genesis would be a lot more fun to read with Velociraptors or T-Rexes running around.

- Twins manager Ron Gardenhire said that he's relieved Joe Mauer's injury is "just trying to get him back on the field, rather than him dying." Is that being a little overdramatic? The last thing I need is my number 1 fantasy pick dying on me! Seriously though, that would actually be my second fantasy baseball player to die over the years- I had Darryl Kile on my team when he passed away.

- No Lost on tonight! Don't start this again! The worst season was Season 2 when they were on and off showing episodes with no deciphered pattern. They were either trying to create a metaphor for the show, or more likely stalling us out! I actually like shows like Family Guy less because I can't figure out the new episode schedule (I'm pretty sure Family Guy is the absolute worst- they'll throw one new episode at you, then take 3 or 4 weeks off at a time.)

- St. Mary's got T'ed up for dunking in warm-ups the other night. Didn't you guys learn in high school not to dunk in warm-ups? I mean, really. There's no time in your life that it has been ok, so why try it in the WCC Championship game? It doesn't make sense. Obviously the 1-0 Gonzaga lead to start the game made no difference as St. Mary's was drilled by 25.

- I'm going to leash train my kitten. Seriously. If you thought a guy walking a tiny poddle was hilarious- then look out for me with my cat!

Ok, time for the gym. Catch you later.


Matt Clark said...

Two things. I thought the point of not starting lost untill early 09 as opposed to sept 08 was so that they could show the whole season with no reruns. now we get a week off and i'm jonesen for some lost. Point 2 about dinosaurs in the bible problem is that dinosaurs are real and all that shit in the bible is just make believe.

Tony B. said...

I really wasn't slamming the Bible so much as I was stating that I'm pro-dinosaur. If anyone knows where I can get an old-school Triceratops t-shirt (in XLT or XXL), I will wear it at my next show.

GMoney said...

Fantasy draft last night (i had the 7th of 12 picks)

1. Reyes
2. Morneau
3. Holliday
4. Carlos Lee
5. Derrek Lee
6. G. Atkins
7. Vic Martinez
8. Brandon Phillips
9. Ibanez
10. I finally started in with pitchers once my lineup was set. I feature the shit sandwich of Maine, D. Lowe, Carmona, Bedard, Galarraga as my 5 starters and a bench of Glenn Perkins, Bannister, and someone else who sucks. My closers are Nathan, Fuentes, and Broxton. You can only start two so I think that I can flip one of them into a decent starter.

What do you think? I think my lineup is an all-star team.

Rae said...

From there Moses went up to Jerusalem. As he was walking along the road, some velociraptors came out of the town and jeered at him. 'Go on up, you douche!' they said. 'Go on up, you douche!' He turned around, spanked at them and called down a curse on them in the name of God. Then two t-rex came out of the woods and mauled 12 of the velociraptors.

Shit you not I did not make this up so much as fill out the Biblical Mad Libs. Try it here:

Tony B. said...

Picks I loved: Reyes, Holliday (how'd you get him in round 3?!), Morneau, and Victor J. Martinez (look at you picking a catcher in round 7!)

You're rotation is pretty weak because you waited so long to get in the mix. I might have picked one in round 6 or 9 instead of the offense you got. HOWEVER- it is way easier to piece together a decent rotation after a draft than offense. Your closers are pretty strong and flipping one for a starter is a good idea (but leaves you with no backup plan in case of injury.)

Drop Bannister in favor of whoever wins the Cubs #5 spot (probably Sean Marshall) or follow Tommy Hanson's spring progress for the Braves. Pick him up (if no one else has) if he makes the rotation- he strikes out over 1 an inning.

By the way, what format is your fantasy league?

Tony B. said...

Bible Mad Libs, Dinorsaurs and Fantasy Baseball- I think my blog just found a theme...