Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Top Ten Recent SNL Sketches

Saturday Night Live has up and down cycles similar to the economy, and I would say that those two things are going the opposite directions these days. The current cast has really come into their own. Here are some of their best sketches:

10. Sir Mix-a-lot's Photoshop - I love this sketch. Keenan Thompson has been doing a decent job recently, in fact, so good that I've almost forgotten about Good Burger. Ok, maybe not that good.

9. Wii Guys - Alec Baldwin is always a fantastic host. This combines Baldwin with a some solid dirty humor. Playing the Wii really is that satisfying.

8. People Getting Punched In the Face While Eating - I have no idea why I love this digital short so much. Could it be the Bon Jovi or Foo Fighters cameos or the fact that it ends with a Zombie dance? Who knows?

7. Mark Wahlberg talks to Animals - Another random sketch that Andy Samberg owns. He's been killing it recently.

6. Vincent Price's Halloween Special - Bill Hader is one major reason why SNL is watchable once again. His Vincent Price impression is spot on and Fred Armisen's Liberace is hilarious as well. All of the VP sketches are great- check out the other ones as well.

More tomorrow!


GMoney said...

I've noticed that you do not have anything Kristen Wiig-related on this list so far...and thank God because she's about as funny as cancer. Seriously, they put her in every sketch and she is awful.

Tony B. said...

I didn't intentionally leave her off (and I don't really mind her) but she's not as good as the other cast members. She does make an appearance today though (more due to the Rock than her.)

Anonymous said...

Most interesting info from his recent Bill Simmons interview is that Bill Hader admits to borrowing his Vincent Price impression. He credits Dana Gould for the inspiration, but conveniently omits the LA comedian he actually lifted it from in 2005, James Adomian (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27trGnc6j0A). Adomian auditioned for SNL with Hader and used to do shows with him. Cutthroat business, comedy!