Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekend Activities

NCS Basketball Championship - I attended the Northgate Broncos/Hayward Farmers game at St. Mary's College on Saturday, and unfortunately, the result was less than thrilling. In a rematch of last year's playoffs and a championship rematch of 1994-1995, the Broncos and Farmers have actually had a decent rivalry over the years. While Northgate beat Hayward earlier in the season, Hayward was out for vengance on Saturday.

The Farmers out-rebounded, out-shoot, and ultimately out-hustled the Broncos. Jack Cartwright did his best to keep Northgate in the game (29 points), but in the end there was too much of a defecit to overcome. If the two teams end up meeting in the NorCal Championship, I would advise the Broncos to stay low and box out to extreme degrees. I'm talking about getting your backside into their bigger guys' knees and pushing them out of the key. The second and third shots got out of control! For the NorCal playoffs, The Broncos' first game is against St. Francis of Mountainview. Should be a challenge, but good luck!

The Watchmen - I never read the comic, but I was interested to go see The Watchmen. Many people were saying it was "GREAT!" and some were being uppity and saying "It's not as good as the comic, therefore it sucks!" In this case, I have no basis for comparison, but what I've noticed is that NO MOVIES ARE EVER BETTER THAN THE BOOK THEY ARE BASED ON. Really great (or at least entertaining) movies are not better than the literary counterparts. Jurassic Park? The book is better. Lord of the Rings? The book is better. Dracula? The book is better. I've heard maybe the Godfather could be an exception, but I haven't read the book, or watched the movie in a LONG time, so I'm not qualified to speak on that. Main point: Books are typically better than movies.

That being said, I fall somewhere in the middle. I would give The Watchmen a solid 7.5 or 8 out of 10. It's a good, entertaining movie with an original concept. I will not be putting any spoilers here (making it somewhat difficult to talk about why I find the concept original) but I thought the movie was good as a whole. Comic book movies have been raising the bar on themselves recently, and while that is a good thing, The Watchmen may be hurt by that a little bit. Here are movies that I find to be better than The Watchmen:

The Dark Knight, Iron Man, Spiderman 2, X-Men 2, and Batman Begins

Here are movies that I find to be worse than The Watchmen:

Spiderman 3, The Incredible Hulk (either one), X-Men 3, and Fantastic Four 1 and 2

To boil everything down simply, the movie is good, not great, but falls in the upper-eschlon of comic book movies.

Fantasy Baseball Draft - Here's my team (this is a keeper league where we keep 6 players, my keepers are marked with a *)

C Joe Mauer
1B Adrian Gonzales*
2B Brian Roberts*
SS Miguel Tejada
3B Ryan Zimmerman
OF Ichiro Susuki
OF Carl Crawford
OF Ryan Braun*
U Jose Lopez (2B) or Chris Young (OF AZ) or Milton Bradley (OF)

SP Jake Peavy*
SP Felix Hernandez
SP Derek Lowe
SP Chris Carpentar
SP Gavin Floyd
RP Jon Papelbon*
RP Brian Wilson*

SP Oliver Perez
SP John Garland
SP Andy Pettite
RP Brad Ziegler

So there's my team that I acquired on Sunday. Pretty well rounded. I picked up Joe Mauer in the first round (equivalent of the seventh round) which is who I was hoping to get. As he is one of the best catchers, I should be getting a lot of value with that pick (plus his sideburns are phenomenal!) My team name is still Thuganomics, and until I can think of something better it will remain that way. Leave any ideas in the comments and have a great day!


GMoney said...

The Farmers? You had to make that up. There aren't even nicknames like that in NW Ohio.

Tony B. said...

I couldn't make that up (not creative enough). Eddie House of the Celtics went to that high school. I didn't realize much Farming went on in the Oakland area, but I guess they're big into it.